┬áThere has been an ongoing heatwave in the UK for the past six weeks. All grass in un-shaded areas has withered and died. People feel like they’ll soon follow suit.

Yesterday it rained for the first time in nearly two months and I was so excited I ran outside like a kid on a snow day, just for the chance to cool off.

In spite of all this blazing heat recently, you’ll never see the Sun in Liverpool.

Let me explain. The Sun is Rupert Murdoch’s favourite among the British papers he owns. It often functions as his attack dog, and can’t be treated as anything more than a right wing propoganda organ with a vindictive streak – Fox News printed on a dead tree.

A full list of the libellous and unpleasant material printed by the Sun would fill an entire newspaper by itself, but one of the more egregious examples was during the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

During a crucial soccer match between Liverpool and Nottingham at the Hillsborough football ground, too many fans were allowed into the stands by police error and a crush ensued, eventually turning catastrophic as more and more people piled inexorably into the stadium from the rear, trapping fans at the front of the stadium against steel barriers. By the time anyone realised how bad the situation had become, it was too late. Ninety six Liverpool fans were crushed to death in the chaos.

The Sun, being a fascist rag, refused to blame police negligence and instead accused Liverpool fans of causing the disaster, essentially by forming a drunken mob, and then for good measure added completely fraudulent “reports” of Liverpool fans robbing the corpses of their dead friends.

To this day, some shops in Liverpool won’t sell the hated Sun, and others keep it under the counter so as not to be seen by the locals. You can literally buy pornography with less shame at a Liverpool news stand.

Why do I bring up this odious newspaper full of lies and fascist sentiment? Because they’ve just interviewed the odious president full of lies and fascist sentiment!

Normally I wouldn’t make too much of it, but interesting things are afoot. Trump is a self-professed admirer of Sun owner Rupert Murdoch (although this is apparently not mutual) so it’s interesting to speculate about why and how Trump ended up talking to The Sun instead of one of the more respected British papers. Is Murdoch giving Trump orders? Or just offering him a bribe? We can only speculate.

Trump’s interview with the sympatico right wing rag has gone awry, however, as it reported that the President had insulted British Prime Minister Theresa May, made numerous comments about Brexit and backed recently-resigned political punchline Boris Johnson to succeed May as PM.

When questioned about this, Trump has said that he was “misquoted” and hinted that he has a recording of what he REALLY said.

In effect, this means that the idiot compulsive liar Trump could soon be involved in a round of “he said/they said” with the equally mendacious Sun. Trump vs. Murdoch? Trump vs. the British tabloids?

Get your popcorn, folks. This could be good…