and Progressive Power-Fact-checkingĀ is a modern and identifiable category of journalism. Its goal is to provide accurate, unbiased analysis and statements which are made to the public in order to correct public misconceptions and increase knowledge of important national and international issues.

Modern fact-checking engines such as and analyze journalism and media as true or false. Fact checkers may clarify their assessment of a claim by providing context and background information.

This type of fact-checking is different from the work done by fact checkers for publishers of nonfiction material. Historically, fact checkers ensured that the factual items in a text were correct spelling, names, names, addresses, dates etc.

As a volunteer nonprofit constantly aiming for impeccable fact statistics, our editors are creating and evolving of process of checking every link and meme via and prior to posting.

Note: and Progressive Power posts political satire and sarcasm, we try to “asterick” these instances across all media.