Ah, if just once we could start the day without reading about some ghastly Trump-related disaster. But, alas, it isn’t happening anytime soon. So, here are some of the stories we’re folllowing in the Orange One’s America this week.


Trump continues to embarrass us on the international stage. For example, he just weirded out the Japanese PM by referencing Pearl Harbor. According to the Washington Post, Trump met with Abe last June and began the discussion with “I remember Pearl Harbor,” before getting on to an only slightly less violent attack on Japan’s economic policies. In a word, ouch.


Meanwhile, Huffpost has a fun article on its site, Donald Trump Was Forced To Unblock Twitter Critics. Now They’re Getting Sweet Revenge.  45’s numberless and well-motivated critics have been saying some wonderfully awful things about and to him since the blocks came down. Pity we can’t be sure he’s reading any of the comments. Maybe we should collect the juiciest of ‘em for subsequent presentation once he’s in jail. Give him something to read on rainy days.


Then, too, we have this story from Vox, Exclusive: here’s the photo of a very white summer intern class the White House didn’t release. It seems that the White House has been criticized for its failure to promote or encourage minorities in the past. So, this time, the WH just didn’t release the photo of its current summer interns…but Vox got it and posted it. Let’s just say that the interns are like the old laundry advertisement, whiter than white.


Interesting note for us “enemies of the people,” …i.e., the press …on the AP site. Seems that a “volunteer” for the Trump campaign has been blocking photographers when they try to take pix of protestors at 45 rallies. Well, the Trumpsters’ press bashers, er, press relations people say that the unnamed volunteer has been “taken off the road,” whatever that means. Hey, we hear Sarah Huckabee needs a replacement.


Meanwhile, Vanity Fair is trying to make sense of Don McGahn’s departure from the White House. He was the WH’s legal counsel, except he had the interesting habit of co-operating with Mueller. Which is a good thing for McGahn, since it might save him from jail. But it may not be great for the rest of us in that it could signal an increasingly overt war between Drumpf and the DOJ.


And last but not least…Washington D.C. is gearing up for the funeral of the great John McCain, which is to occur over the weekend. So what does Trump do? He hits the road, Jack. Rather than face the potential embarrassment of being less popular than a corpse, he was off on a campaign/fundraising tour.


Kinda symbolic, don’t you think?


Cadet Bonespurs, in flight from the knowledge that he’ll never be half the man that McCain is, even in death…