And the age of Trump continues to offer us no end of madness, sorrow, and entertainment. Among the stories we’re following on the web this week are:

Just in case you missed it, CNN among others is reporting that Robert Mueller is seeking immunity for five witnesses in the upcoming prosecution of Paul Manafort. In other words, Paul…Paul!…think about cooperating. Now. Orange isn’t your color, even if it is the new black.

Are there any billionaires out there who can string two words together without humiliating themselves? First it was Musk snarling at the cave diving heroes. Now it is Zuckerberg saying that Holocaust deniers are just making an honest mistake. Argh.

Speaking of people saying really stupid things, recall dear Tucker Carlson over at Fox who, this week, said that Russia may have interfered with American politics, but Mexico is far, far worse. Mexico, he says, “is routinely interfering in our elections by packing our electorate. No evidence, of course. But, in other words, what he’s saying is Putin good. Hispanics bad.

Meanwhile, in Congress, the GOP has headed off an attempt to subpoena the interpreter at the Trump-Putin meeting. Because, of course, they say we have no right to know exactly what Trump signed away in Helsinki. Bastards.

Remember how Trump was going to be the veteran’s pal? Well, little different now. The White House has just said that we can’t afford the V.A. without some serious cuts elsewhere. Which may come, or may not come, but either way vets have to be worried about whether they’ll get benefits.

Coming under the heading of Thank Goodness, Took ‘Em Long Enough, New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, said that he will authorize a criminal investigation of the Trump Foundation. Let’s see how many reptiles slither out from under that rock.

Okay, just in case you thought that Trump couldn’t get any more delusional, Slate is reporting that the Orange One is claiming that Russia has stopped meddling in American elections because it is afraid of him. Yeah. Right. You’re terrifying, Mr. Dump. The whole world saw how frightened Putin was of you in Finland.

And finally for the day, check out this piece in Business Intelligence, National security experts warn Trump is behaving more and more like a ‘controlled spy’ by Sonam Sheth. Seems that the general feeling in the intelligence community is that Putin played Trump “like a fiddle,” and that “it’s becoming more and more clear that Trump is either a witting or unwitting Russian asset.”

As if we didn’t know that already.