Tuesday, 6/5/2018, the UN called out the Trump administration for their act of separating migrant families attempting to enter the US for sanctuary. The UN has determined that the Trump administration’s actions at the border, “violates their rights and international law” (NY Times).

Trump, not to be outdone, lashed out at the UN official calling their statements an “ignorant attack by the United Nations human rights office” (NY Times), going on to accuse them of being hypocrites.

Of course we all know as it was reported in multiple publications that the Trump administration did exactly this, going as far as separating children and even toddlers from their families back in April, “under a policy of criminally prosecuting undocumented people crossing the border” (NY Times).

This incident has been met with vehement outcries from the general populace of the US as even the most conservative of us can agree that destroying families is wrong and the amount of damage that’s been done to these poor children and their parents is astronomical.

It’s also triggered some thoughts of conspiracy about the Trump administration. People are even wondering if Trump is trafficking children himself. While I think that may be a little far-fetched, if you read the entire publication, it does make you think a bit.

Source: New York Times