We are being led into a war. Mark my words, Donald Trump will find a reason to strike first. Be it an “oops we thought that was aimed at us” or an “oops our war machine misfired and we didn’t mean it.” Or any one of a hundred other scenarios to force congress.

But why you ask? A couple reasons.

One, although war is bad for the economy that working class people depend on, rich people stand to make billions from war driven contracts building the weapons of war, suppling the supplies of war and rebuilding the counties destroyed by war. War may be bad for main street’s economy but we are headed for a correction anyway.

Two, a big war would allow the Trump administration to rewrite the law using the politics of fear. Do Japanese internment camps ring a bell? Trump could consolidate his support and finish stripping Americans of our rights.

Three, there would no impeachment during a big enough war. And this will be a big war! What might start as a local skirmish could quickly escalate due to entangling alliances in several areas of the world.

“What is wag the dog?” It comes from the phrase “the tail wags the dog” a sign something is backwards. It’s used any time rhetoric or propaganda are used to start or inflame a war.

I don’t agree with war, but I can see that we are slowly, inch by inch and tweet by tweet being forced into one.

In my next article, I will outline the signs I think point to a coming war initiated by The United States and why I think it’s closer than any of us want to admit.