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By K. Thomas Ross

“[The NRA’s] promotional and propaganda … constitute its major reasons for existence. It does not … relieve the government of its burden of [gun safety and military gun training] education. If [the NRA] should succeed to any large extent in teaching the youth of the nation to shoot, without at the same time inculcating the discipline of military training, … it is much more probable that the result would be, instead, a tremendous increase in the governmental burden of crime control.”
DC Court of Appeal Hazen v. NRA, 1938, denying foundation status to the NRA

The NRA refuses to publish a listing of its Directors. So, this is a PSA.

(The reason it refuses to do so is open to speculation. Are the directors justifiable ashamed? Is the NRA embarrassed that so many directors are openly racist, supportive of anti-government militias, or otherwise sociopathic? (1) Or perhaps the Board members are afraid of an America with 400M guns in civilian hands?)

The National Rifle Association’s eligible members elect one-third of the NRA Board of Directors each year, with a mail-in ballot. The results are announced at its Annual Meeting and Convention. This year that meeting was at
Indianapolis the last weekend of April, 2019.

(The entertainment highlight of that Annual Convention was the fratricidal conflicts between Board President Oliver North and the effective CEO, EVP Wayne LaPierre. My next article will dispute that dispute, and the NRA’s numerous legal and financial crises.)

The Board: An Insular, Sleazy and Stagnant Sect of Senile Sociopaths

The NRA Board has 76 directors, in three ‘classes’, 25 elected each year by a mailed ballot, for three-year terms (plus filling vacancies). A small group of insiders picks one more director for a one-year term, at each annual convention. This is usually an opportunity of the NRA Brass to salvage someone rejected by the members.

But even the ‘election’ of the 75 merely imitates democracy. The NRA’s powerful Nominating Committee handpicks almost all of the candidates. This year that Committee nominated 33 persons. Two more got on the ballot by petition from members. A rule change makes that access increasing difficult. These petition candidates win sporadically. As usual, neither of the two did this year. Highly controlled elections may explain an eligible voter participation rate estimated at 5-7%.

Almost all incumbents stand for reelection, are re-nominated, and win. This makes the Board “a cabal of cronyism”, per Director Allen West. (2) Several directors are the children of prior directors (a good argument for birth control). 46 of the 76 have remained for at least a decade. 33 are in their 70’s and 80’s. The median age is 67.

Eligible voters pick (at most) 25 of the 33-35 on each year’s ballot. So, essentially, they pick, not the winners, but rather the losers. The only real competition is at the margins at the 25th vote getter, and that difference may be only a few votes.

This year only one incumbent was rejected. Former Redskins defensive tackle Dave​ ​Butz lost​, perhaps because he was received an unexplained $100K per year as an “independent contractor”. (3) (Perhaps the NRA was planning on starting a football team?) Many members resent such arrangements. Another director decided not to run for reelection, and another (actor Tom Selleck) resigned in September “due to his work schedule”.

Last year’s election was highly usually. Members elected six new directors. The Nomination Committee decided to include four young and famous (among shooters) women, plus pretty ‘actor’ Dean Cain. These were all elected, plus a manufacturer of gun accessories.

In doing so, members ejected several long-time directors, including Grover Norquist, famed DC anti-tax activist. Conservative pundits, favored by the brass, tend be at the bottom of the voter tabulations. Indeed, David Keene, former Chair of the American Conservative Union and former opinion editor of the arch-conservative Washington Times, barely survived last year’s election, coming in 25th place. (He also receives payments for “speaking fees” – $40K in 2018.) (3) One can only speculate as to the reasons for last year’s nominations. (To pretend that the NRA is really a sport shooting organization? To get more (white) woman buy guns, in ranks dominated by white men who use confuse guns with masculinity?)

But the results were so jarring – democracy often is – that the Board nominated no women this year.

Replacing a Convicted Felon ‘Leader’ with the Head of the Largest Confederate Memorial

CEO LaPierre and top lobbyist Chris Cox actually run the NRA. The Board is largely ceremonial, for public relations and fundraising. With less than 1000 employees, most national non-profits with would have perhaps 5-20 directors. Many directors miss skip many of the few Board meetings each year. 15 even missed last year’s annual meeting. Indeed, some of the more famous rarely appear. Marion Hammer, Ted Nugent and Karl Marlone would not be recognized by the other Directors, were they not otherwise famous. Nor would Oliver North, before he was elected president. (4)

The Nominating Committee proposed, and the Board replaced, Oliver North, convicted for illegally selling arms to Iran. The new president, Carolyn Meadows, is the chair of the largest memorial to the Confederacy in the country, by far. Stone Mountain, 20 miles from downtown Atlanta, was the site of the 1915 second birth of the KKK. KKK rallies there continued into the 1950’s, when the state of Georgia bought the memorial.

Meadows also worked to prevent a Liberty Bell from being placed on top of the mountain, commemorating the achievement of Martin Luther King Jr., whose church and base of operation was in Atlanta. None of the three Confederate figures carved into the Mountain – about 125 feet high – had any relationship to Georgia. (5)

Meadows is also on the board of the American Conservative Union. She was formerly on the Georgia Republican National Committee. and involved in the Reagan and Bush Jr. campaigns. In 2018-19 Meadows was Second VP of the Board.

The Nominating Committee also replaced as First VP North ally and former NASCAR driver Richard Childress with Charles L. Cotton. With no other nominations, Meadows and Cotton were elected by default, not the “unanimous” vote the NRA had announced. (2)

Nor could LaPierre have been replaced at the Board meeting, so his “unanimous” reelection is also a deception. (I will discuss this in the next article. But four directors have publicly expressed dismay. (And despite news headlines that North had “resigned”, he was simply replaced as president – so far. However, given heavy control of LaPierre, the committee assignments and re-nominations of the four are certainly in doubt.) (2, 6)

Meadows is also VP of the NRA’s Foundation Board. Many Board members are also on the boards of one the NRA Board and one of the of the five affiliated organization boards.

Meadows, an 80-year-old minor political figure, but a strong LaPierre supporter, perhaps was chosen simply not to get in the way (as North did). Her appeal to the Alt-Right and KKK is clear. And she does know the agenda. Meadows’ first reported comments were “We’re going to work to get Donald Trump reelected” and “We are not looking backward. We have 2020 coming up.” (5)

One special target in 2020 will be anti-gun activist Representative Lucy McBath, from Meadow’s own GA 6th Congressional district. McBath says she is not worried, as the NRA opposed her before. But having the NRA president personally ‘gunning’ for you may make the contest challenging. Meadow foolishly suggested that McBath won because she is a “minority female”, in a district gerrymandered to exclude minorities (black females are 7.5%). (5)

New Board Members

Herb Lanford, Mark Geist and Mark Vaughan replaced Selleck, Butz and deceased director Buster Bachhuber.

Herb Lanford was a long-term director, salvaged in the prior election as the 76th member (see below).

Mark Geist was a then-46-year old military consultant who helped to help lose the US consulate in Benghazi. Right-wing fictional book and movie 13 Hours (often called ‘the Benghazi movie’) turned his failure into heroics, and a career. (The Guardian’s Dave Schilling called the movie “very dumb, very bleak and very graphic”.) Self-promotion is Geist’ strength. He has also worked for the NRA’s PR company, Ackerman McQueen, which has been so prominent in the recent scandals. (7)

New member Mark Vaughan story is not fictional. But neither is, as he is, as represented, the archetype of the ‘Good Man with a Gun’ folk myth. Vaughan was COO of a food processing plant near Oklahoma City. A black employee had been radicalized and converted to Islam, while in prison for six years following a drug charge. While working for Vaughn’s company in 2014, he was terminated for “not liking white people”. He returned with a large knife and beheaded one employee, and slashed another. Mark Vaughan went to his car, returned with a rifle, and shot the murderer.

While heroic, Vaughan was no average American. Vaughan was a reserve deputy sheriff, a member of the tactical team, a lifelong hunter, former president of the local gun club, and a competitive shooter. If anything, he is a model of the “leave the shooting to the highly trained professionals” principle. (8)

Willie Lee, Hawaiian GOP chair, was elected to a 3-year term. He had previously been elected to a two-year term to replace deceased Board member R Lee Ermey.

The #TopLoser: the 76th Director

The NRA Brass gets to rescue one losing candidate at the Annual Meeting, for a one-year term – the #TopLoser.

This year’s 76th Director is a repeated failed petition candidate, Anthony Colandro. He runs ‘Guns for Hire’, an “Urban Defense Institute’ in the NJ suburbs of NYC. He teaches semi-automatic ‘skills’.

He may have been picked above candidates with more votes because he is very self-publicized on YouTube, gun magazines and elsewhere. On the other hand, organized crime needs self-automatic training facilities near NYC. (Director Scott Bach does the same.) That city has tight gun laws, and is hostile to the NRA. And the among the most active political figures in the country investigating the NRA are NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and AG Letitia James. Another local critic is (real) billionaire & former NYC mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who finances the major anti-gun organization, Everytown for Gun Safety.

The Brass often can ‘plug-in’ candidates during the year. Attorney Frank Bachhuber and actor R Lee Ermey died in 2016 and 2018, respectively. Koch operative and two-year director Mercedes Schlapp moved into the White House in Sept 2017. At about the same time, long-term director Joseph DeBergalis became Deputy Executive of Operations, and come off the Board sometime in the next year, apparently again replaced by John Cushman. Murder insurance exec Sean Maloney, the 76th member in 2015 and 2016, was elected to a 3-year term in 2017. This allowed the Brass to appoint John Cushman as 76th. But with the upheavals in the election of 2018, Herb Lanford became the 76th member, and John Cushman was finally off the Board. Lanford was barely reelected in 2019. Actor Tom Selleck resigned in 2018, replaced by Georgia big game killer Paul Babaz. The membership rejected him for a permanent seat this year. (Not to worry. None of this will not be on the final exam.)

Board Composition

The stereotype of the Board being all white men is not true. (Frankly, that does remain typical of the America’s top corporate boards.) A decade ago, this was much closer to the case. Now the Board is far more integrated than most – 22% women, and 9% black or Asian (at least in part (Cain)). None are openly LGBT.

The second stereotype, that the Board is mostly gun manufacturers, is also false. The Board has only four. But the NRA certainly fights for and represents them. The total money they contribute to the NRA and its five affiliates is never disclosed. But one obvious support is the ads in NRA magazines, which are largely #GunPorn. (Lee Harvey Oswald bought his rifle from an NRA mag.) The NRA ‘Civil Rights’ (sic) Foundation is primarily a tool to overturn gun sense laws, aligned with the Koch’s ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. Manufacturers usually sponsor NRA shooting competitions. The annual Convention is primarily a massive gun show. Some other NRA Directors are on the manufacturers’ boards. And, of course, the primary message of the NRA is “buy more guns”. (9)

The Board is composed mostly of current or former politicians or political activists, attorneys, lobbyists, shooting clubs owners, gun journalists, hunters, celebrities and ex-police officers and military officers. (Many fit more than one category, of course.) The rest work or worked in a highly-diverse fields.

‘Sociopathic’ best describes an entire board promoting more weapons in the country that already has 50% of the world’s civilian-owned guns. But some are even more extreme. Several openly support anti-government militias. One threatened the life of the last US President, and is pedophile, racist, xenophobe and anti-Semite. One left the military rather than being court marshaled for torture. Another was convicted of selling arms to Iran. (10)

The NRA Board of Directors, 2019-2020

(Direct NRA Director email addresses are the first name initial followed by last name (e.g.

Joe​ ​Allbaugh​ ​​- Director,​ ​Oklahoma​ ​Board​ ​of Corrections​. ​​ Campaign​ ​manager, ​​George W.​ ​Bush and Rick Perry. Former FEMA director. Lobbyist. ​@joe_allbaugh​ Nardin, OK.

William​ ​H​ ​Allen​ ​​- Retired​ ​chief inspector​, ​Shelby​ ​County,​ ​TN ​(Memphis)​ Sheriff’​ ​office, Chief, Air Carrier Police, FedEx. Memphis.

Thomas​ ​P​ ​Arvas – Optometrist. ​​ ​​New​ ​Mexico​ ​Game and​ ​Fish​ ​Commissioner. ​​​​ ​ ​​ ​​ Albuquerque​, ​NM

Scott​ ​L​ ​Bach​ ​​- Executive Director, Assn of NY Rifle & Pistol Clubs, which operates a gun range of members 50 miles outside of NYC. Attorney, Bach & Associates.​ ​​ ​ On Facebook. Newfoundland, NJ

Bob​ ​Barr – Former​ ​US Representative GA. Attempted a ‘Newt Gingrich’ (trying to impeach a President for sex, while he was himself cheating on his second wife with his future third wife). 2008 Libertarian nominee for president, while hating the First Amendment, medical MJ, & gay rights, & after voting for Iraq War & Patriot Act. Attorney, Smyrna, GA @bobbarr

Ronnie​ ​G.​ ​Barrett – Founder​ ​of​ ​Barrett Firearms​ ​Manufacturing, Christiana,​ ​TN (near Nashville).

Clel E. Baudler​ ​​– ​Farmer. Former Iowa​ ​House​ ​of Representatives. Former state trooper. Greenfield, IA

J​ ​Kenneth​ ​Blackwell​ ​​- Former​​ Mayor of Cincinnati, OH. Former OH Sec​ ​of​ ​State. Accidentally released full Social Security numbers of 5.7M voters, & therefore was appointed to tRump’s Commission on ‘election integrity’. @kenblackwell​ On Facebook Cincinnati

Matt​ ​Blunt​ – Former​ ​Governor​ ​of​ ​Missouri​, but never ran for a second term. Graduated from US Naval Academy, but only served for 5 years. Lobbyist for car industry. ​@MattBlunt​ ​​Middleburg, VA

Dan​ ​Boren​ – Former​ ​US Representative, ​OK. President​ ​of​ ​Corporate​ ​Development​ ​for​ ​the​ ​Chickasaw​ ​Nation, Muskogee, OK.​

​Robert​ ​K.​ ​Brown – Founder/editor/publisher​ ​of​ ​Soldier​ ​of​ ​Fortune​. a militia magazine (Timothy McVeigh, NRA member, had a copy when he bombed the Oklahoma City federal office building). Backed Fidel Castro. Was forced by lawsuits to stop running ads for mercenaries for hire. Retired LtCol, US Army. On Facebook. Boulder, CO

Peter R. Brownell – President, Brownells,​ ​leading​ ​arms​ ​manufacturer. Former president,​ ​NRA​ (2017-2018). ​@petebrownell​ On Facebook Grinnell, Iowa

Dean Cain – ‘Actor’, Hallmark Channel movies, 16 Xmas films, gay Broken Hearts Club, Lois & Clark. @RealDeanCain Malibu, CA

Ted​ ​W​ ​Carter​ ​- Planner, defense contractor Capstone Corp. Former Navy Cmd, XO, Naval Air Station Keflavik, Iceland. At Ft. Bliss, TX & Miami, helped civilian drug enforcement of borders. On Facebook. Jacksonville, ​​FL

Richard​ ​Childress ​​– ​ CEO, Richard Childress Racing Former NASCAR​ ​driver. @Rchildress3​ ​ ​​On​ ​Facebook. ​ Lexington, NC

Patricia​ ​A​ ​Clark​​​ ​​- Hospital​ ​laboratory​ ​technician, Newtown, ​​CT (the location of Sandy Hook). ​​ Competitive shooter. ​ ​On Facebook.

Anthony P Colandro – CEO and founder, ‘Gun for Hire’ shooting range, Woodland Park, NJ. @gun4hyr

Allan​ ​D​ ​Cors​ ​​- ​Retired​ ​SVP, ​ ​Corning, ​​Inc.​ ​​​Amassed​ ​one​ ​of​ ​the​ ​largest military​ ​vehicle​ ​collections. ​Past​ ​NRA president​. 2015-2017. On Facebook. Naples, FL

Charles​ ​L​ ​Cotton​ ​- Retired​ ​attorney. ​​Friendswood, ​​TX

​David​ ​G​ ​Coy​ ​​- Professor, Adrian College, Adrian​, Michigan. CPA. On Facebook.

Larry​ ​Craig​ ​​- ​Lobbyist​. ​​​​​Former​ US ​Senator, “tap tap tap” bathroom scandal. Boise, Idaho.

Edie​ ​P​ ​Fleeman – Principal, ​Black​ ​Hawk​ ​Rifle​ ​Club​. Competitive shooter. Durham,​ ​NC

Joel​ ​Friedman​ ​​- Former​ ​owner​ ​Mikawaya Ice​ ​Cream.​ ​​ ​​ ​In​ ​Facebook. Encino, California. Henderson, NV

Carol Bambery Frampton ​​– Attorney. Chief, Legal Services, National Wild Turkey Federation. Founder,​ ​Michigan​ ​Coalition​ ​Responsible​ ​Gun Owners. Prosperity, SC

Sandra​ ​Froman​ ​​- ​Attorney, ​ ​Tucson​ ​AZ. Past President, ​ ​NRA (2005–07) Looney conspiracy theorist, and believer in eugenics (at one time, at least), on the Board of a gun manufacturer. (11)

Mark Geist – Former security contractor who helped lose Benghazi (see above). @MarkGeistSWP On Facebook. Colorado Springs

Julie Golob – Competitive shooter. @julieG1, On Facebook. Kearney, MO

Marion​ ​P. Hammer – ​​Paid NRA ​Florida​ ​lobbyist. Past​ ​president​ ​NRA (1996-1998). Responsible for Florida and much of the country becoming the Wild West.​ Tallahassee

Kim​ ​Rhode​ ​Harryman​​​ – Olympic gold medalist ​shooter. On​ ​Facebook ​@KimRhode Big​ ​Bear​ ​Lake,​ ​CA

Maria​ ​Heil – ​National spokesperson, Second Amendment Sisters. @MariaHeil On​ ​Facebook New​ ​Freedom, PA

Graham​ ​Young Hill​ ​​ – ​CEO, DC lobbying and law​ ​firm, ​ ​Ice Miller​ ​Strategies​. ​​ Attorney, hunter. On Facebook Arlington, VA

Dwight​ ​Van​ ​Horn​ ​​- Retired​ ​deputy​ ​sheriff, ​ ​LA.​ ​​ ​​Hayden, Idaho

Susan​ ​Howard – Actress, Dallas, 700 Club, Boerne​ ​TX

Curtis​ ​S​ ​Jenkins​ ​​ – Attorney, former Georgia state legislator; author of legislation passed by 34 states and the US Congress giving immunity to gun manufacturers and dealers. Forsyth,​ ​GA

David​ ​A.​ ​Keene​ – Former opinion​ ​editor, ​Washington​ ​Times. Worked for Reagan, Bush Senior, Dole & Romney campaigns. Former chair, American Conservative Union. Past​ NRA ​president​ ​NRA (2011-2013). ​​​ ​​ Alexandra, Va.

Thomas H. ​King – President, NY State Rifle and Pistol Association, NY ​state​ ​legislature​ ​lobbyist East​ ​Greenbush,​ ​NY @Kinger1911 On​ ​Facebook

Timothy​ ​R. Knight​ – Leading activist of 2013 Colorado recall election of two anti-gun state senator. Gun instructor, small business owner. On​ ​Facebook @TimKnight4NRA Chattanooga, TN

Herbert​ ​A​ ​Lanford​ ​Jr​. ​​- ​Former​ ​president​ ​of​ ​Gun​ ​Owners​ ​of​ ​South Carolina​, ​Columbia​, SC. On Facebook.

Willes​ ​K​ ​Lee​ – President, National Federation of Republican Assemblies. Board member, American Conservative Union. Former chair, Hawaii​ ​GOP. Retired​ ​U.S.​ ​Army​ ​Lt​ ​Col.​ ​​@WillesLee On Facebook. Arlington, Virginia

Carrie Lightfoot – Head of Well Armed (sic) Woman, gun training. @WellArmedWoman Rio Verde, Arizona.

Duane Liptak, Jr. – EVP of Magpul Industries, manufacturer of plastic (invisible to the TSA) rifle stocks, grips, magazines and gun sights. Formerly with Brownells, Inc. Former Marine Major. @Magpul_HQ Wimberley, Tx

Karl​ ​Malone​ ​​- Former​ ​Utah Jazz NBA player. ​@TheDeliverer_32​ ​​ Salt​ ​Lake City​

Sean Maloney II –​ ​​Attorney. ​Founder, Second​ ​Call​ ​Defense,​ ​pre-paid​ ​legal​ ​defense​ ​for​ ​guns. Director, Buckeye Firearms Association. On​ ​Facebook​ ​​ ​@SeanMaloneyNRA​ DC. Liberty Township, Ohio

Robert​ ​E​ ​Mansell​ ​​- Former​ ​Chairman, Arizona​ ​Game​ ​and​ ​Fish Commission, Gun dealer, Owner, Gun Trust Depot (legal trusts for gun ownership and gun dealer), Winslow, AZ

Carolyn​ ​D.​ ​Meadows – New NRA Board President, 2nd​ ​Vice​ ​Chair​ ​of​ ​the​ ​American
Conservative​ ​Union​, @carolyndmeadows ​​ ​​ Marietta, Ga

William​ ​A.​ ​Miller,​ ​Jr.​ – President​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Beckley​ ​Gun​ ​Club, WVA. Bill Miller Insurance Agency

Owen​ ​”Buz”​ ​Mills ​ ​​- Owner​ ​of​ ​Gunsite ‘​urban​ ​warfare’​, ​​gun training and gun sales. Ran​ ​for​ ​unsucessfully for AZ governor. Paulden, AZ

Craig​ ​Morgan​ ​​ – Country​ ​music​ ​singer, Nashville. ​@cmorganmusic​​ ​​ ​​ ​ On​ ​Facebook​.​​ Dickson, TN

Il Ling New – Professional shooting guide, big game hunter, Gunsite Academy Rangemaster, @MiniNew Formerly in global marketing. Meridian, Idaho

Oliver​ ​North – Convicted felon, Iran/contra​ ​scandal. Past NRA president (2018-2019). @OliverLNorth ​ Bluemont, VA

Robert​ ​A.​ ​Nosler – Owner, bullet​ ​and​ ​rifle​ ​manufacturer​, ​Nosler,​ ​Inc., Bend, Oregon

Johnny​ ​Nugent​ ​​- ​​Former​ ​Indiana​ ​State​ ​Senator. On​ ​Facebook Lawrenceburg, ​IN

Ted​ ​Nugent ​​- Rock​ ​musician, pedophile, openly racist, sexist, violent and
homophobic. @TedNugent​ ​‏​ ​​​ China Spring, TX (12)

Lance​ ​Olson​ ​​- Former​ ​police​ ​officer​ ​and​ ​US​ ​Marshall. On the NRA payroll for $78k last year, for no apparent job. (3) On Facebook Marengo​, ​IA

Melanie​ ​R. Pepper​ ​​- Retired insurance manager. Past president Houston Safari Club. Winner, Diana Award, Safari Club International, for killing lots of animals.​​ ​Houston,​ TX

James​ ​W.​ ​Porter​ ​II​ ​​- Birmingham​, AL ​attorney. Past​ ​president​ ​NRA, (2013–15).​ ​​ ​​

Peter​ ​Jay​ ​Printz – ​​Former Marine Sargent. ​Former​ ​sheriff​ ​in​ Hamilton, Montana. Now security for trade shows. On Facebook​

Todd​ ​J​ ​Rathner​ ​​- NRA ​Lobbyist​ ​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Arizona​ ​state​ ​legislature. Owner of African safari company. On Facebook Tucson

​Wayne​ ​Anthony​ ​Ross – Attorney. ​Rejected​ ​candidate for Alaska AG.​ ​Started​ ​state​ ​anti-government militia. ​​ ​​ ​​Anchorage Alaska.

Carl​ ​Rowan,​ ​Jr.​ ​​- George Mason U Chief of Police. Attorney. Former police, ​ ​deputy US Marshal, FBI, private security companies. @carlrowanjr DC

Don​ ​J. Saba – Cancer researcher (ironically, in lead poisoning). Founder, director, ​Sierra​ ​Bioresearch​ ​Company, ​Tucson, ​AZ

William​ ​H​ ​Satterfield – Attorney in ​environmental law, Balch​ ​& Bingham​ ​LLP, Birmingham, AL. Former Colonel, Army Reserve.

Ronald​ ​L​ ​Schmeits​ ​​- President​ ​&​ ​CEO, ​ ​International​ ​Bank​ ​​ (and affiliated other NM banks). ​ Past​ ​president​ ​NRA (2009-2011). Raton, NM

Esther​ ​Q. Schneider​ ​​- ​President, ​ ​Strategic​ ​Alliance​ ​Arms, ​ ​LLC. ​ Former, ​PR company owner. Former Executive Director, Indiana Lottery​. Buda, TX

Steven​ ​C​ ​Schreiner​ ​​- ​President, ​ ​Firearms​ ​Coalition​ ​of​ ​Colorado. Englewood,​ ​CO

John​ ​C​ ​Sigler ​- Former ​Chair,​ ​Delaware Republican Party, former president, DE State Sportman’s Assn, Former police captain, current lawyer​ ​in​ ​MD​ ​and​ ​DE Former president, NRA (2007–09). On Facebook. Dover, DE

Leroy​ ​Sisco​ ​​- ​Former​ ​TX National​ ​Lt​ ​general. Started​ ​Military​ ​Warriors​ ​Support​ ​Foundation.​ ​​​ Boerne,​ ​TX

Bart​ ​Skelton​ ​​​- Handgun ​​editor, Shooting Times mag​​. @Bart4570 Deming, New​ ​Mexico

Kristy Titus – RMEF’s Team Elk television show airing on the Outdoor Channel. Past President, the Safari Club International (SCI) High Desert. @KristyTitus #KristyTitus On Facebook. Oregon

Mark Vaughan. Managing Partner, Fresh Avenue Foods, Oklahoma City. Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Oklahoma County. Former COO, Vaughan Foods. Competitive Shooter. Locally famous for shooting a killer with butcher knive (see above). @vaughan4nra ‏

Blaine​ E. ​Wade​ ​- Police​ ​chief, ​​Bristol, ​TN​ ​​

Linda​ ​Walker​ ​​- Central​ ​Ohio​ ​Chair, Buckeye​ ​Firearms​ ​Association​ ​​ ​Alexandria, ​ ​Ohio

Howard​ ​J​ ​Walter – Retired​ ​ LCDR, ​ ​US Navy, in “Operation Deep Freeze”, supporting U.S. scientists in Antarctic. Competitive shooter. Former faculty member, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY. Former lobbyist. Wrote 3 novels. On Facebook. @spaddriver Flat Rock, NC

Heidi​ ​E​ ​Washington​​​ ​- ​​​​Director,​ ​Michigan corrections.​ Attorney.​ ​​​@HeidiWashington​ ​East​ ​Lansing

Allen​ ​B. West​ ​​​- Former Tea Party US Representative. Former LtCol, US Army, ejected for torture. On​ ​Facebook @AllenWest​ ​​ Dallas

Donald E. Young – US Representative. ​ Repeated corruption and pork spending scandals. Militia supporter. @DonYoungAK @repdonyoung Fort Yukon, AK



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Ackerman McQueen helped the NRA case Penn Square Mall for terrorists…

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K.Thomas Ross is a retired business executive in Georgia – a CPA, and CFO of a number of national companies (but smaller than the Fortune 500). BA in Economics, UVA, Executive MBA from GSU. Thomas Ross is a long-term NRA observer and anti-violence activist.  He also works against war, and for democratic reform, civil rights, equality and the environment.  @K_Thomas_Ross

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