Here’s some quick advice: If you’re going to commit a crime, do it in Hollywood.¬†Firstly, the weather will be nice (nobody likes committing crime in the rain), and secondly because the Hollywood PD is apparently staffed by some of the stupidest people in the universe.

This is the conclusion we can draw based around their reaction to Twitter user Hayes Davenport, who noticed that the Captain of the LAPD’s Hollywood division appears to be some sort of blithering racist dickhead and subsequently tweeted about his discovery. Davenport’s tweet deserves a massive signal boost, but Hollywood PD are already a step ahead in this battle of wits. They’ve come up with a devious plan and… blocked Hayes Davenport.

To recap: Cory Palka, the Captain in question, follows a lot of hard-right people on his public account, which EVERYONE CAN SEE, Cory. When he gets called out on it, he – or someone in his office – solves the problem by blocking the person who mentioned it, like a toddler assuming that you can’t see them if they cover their own eyes.

Here is Davenport’s tweet, and here’s hoping this becomes bigger news. Because despite Cory Palka’s (mis)understanding of the internet, you can’t just make this go away with the click of a mouse.