Well, everyone, as I write this, the election is coming to an end. It is nine here in New Mexico, which means that the polls are just now closing or will soon close in California, Hawaii, and Alaska. There are still votes being cast, and more to come, but for most of us the contest is over. All we can do now is await the results.

I, like you,  hope that those results will be good, and that the Blue Wave will materialize. But, whether it does or not, we have done our best. If you voted, if you organized, if you worked for the Democratic Party, then I thank you. And I congratulate you.

For…win, lose, or draw…we have proved something.

To wit, democracy is not dead in America, and our energy is devoted to its protection and advancement.

So …Bravo, Brava, and three cheers!

Whether we win the contest today, in the long run, we shall win…

The future.