One of the enduring “truths” of the 2016 election was that White Women voted for Trump in enormous numbers. According to some measures, up to 52% of them did so, and feminists around the world have been scratching their heads ever since.

But there’s the kicker. Did women, or at least white women, really vote that way?

There is some evidence that they didn’t. The famous number of 52% was generated via exit polls, and those are often flat-out wrong. As Time magazine pointed out, the people who will talk to pollsters after voting are usually those with particularly strong opinions. Thus, the stronger the opinion, the more likely it will be recorded by the pollster. And the Deplorables are nothing if not opinionated.

But even if some white women, even a majority of them, did vote for Trump, then that may not be true much longer. As Vox reports, those women who support Trump tend to be older and less well educated. Young women, and educated women, detest him. And, there are more young female voters entering the voting booth every year, with each new group of 18-year-olds.  By contrast, older people are, by definition, slowly exiting the population. Death comes for us all.

So…by 2020, and even more so by 2024, the world is going to be a very different place when it comes to women’s votes.