Christian Nationalists have a new cause to fight for in that they are trying to take over our government, or at least place Christian Nationalists in key positions in our government where they can have heavy influence. It’s called “Project Blitz” and it essentially is a plan to join church and state.

This is an incredibly dangerous mission in that it threatens one of the base principles on which the United States was founded. Our country was built on the principle of religious freedom, meaning freedom to worship as you choose. So if you’re Christian, you worship as a Christian by going to church on Sunday, but if you’re Pagan you can worship nature on the solstice, or if you’re Jewish you can go to Temple, and so on and this is all done peacefully without bothering one another.

These Christian Nationalists would try to influence everything in favor of their modified version of Christianity. The version that justifies racism, and bigotry against people based on their sexual preferences. The version that supports the concept of white privilege by denying the existence of the same. The version that causes its practitioners to treat people of different belief systems as less than human in that they don’t deserve equal rights to them because their beliefs are different and in their eyes “wrong”. The version that would cause them to lie about my previously stated points denying them when our personal experiences and statistics show otherwise on a daily basis.

It’s sad that Trump has given these people a platform to showcase their hatred of others under the guise of morality and love. These snakes don’t deserve the opportunity. I’ve stated this in most of my posts here on Liberal Resistance; get out this November and vote. We need people in office to push back against this ultra conservative movement. The xenophobia is so strong that we are seeing celebrities like Roseanne Barr make glaringly racist remarks on twitter and the Trump supporters in the public are questioning how that’s different than calling Trump a Cheeto because he spray tans too much. I’m sorry but there’s something wrong if we have to explain the difference between making fun of something that Trump does to himself vs. stating that someone is the product of the “Muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes having a baby” (Barr, 5-28-2018). Last I heard, being a Cheeto was voluntary whereas a person’s birth race is not.

Just try to keep in mind folks, this is reversible. Whoever the next President is that gets elected into office is going to have their work cut out for them to undo the damage done by the Trump administration, but there will be progress again.

Again I say; Vote this November.