Bill Weld is an odd duck to say the least. As governor of Massachusetts, he led the charge for privatization of state resources. (It didn’t always go well. I know. I was in the state at the time.) Then, as the vice presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party, he did his best to help shift conservative voters away from Trump and to a third party. In this he failed, too, but it was a noble attempt.

Now, he is running against Trump in the Republican primary. This is, of course, a Quixotic mission to say the least, but if one must charge windmills, I can’t think of a better one.

And, on Monday of this week, he said something truly fascinating. In effect, he said, Trump’s dealings with Ukraine in an attempt to smear Biden were treason pure and simple. And, he added, the law proscribes one penalty for that: Death.

Even Weld, surely, doesn’t think that Trump will end up on gallows outside the White House. But, he said, the Orange One might want to consider all the alternatives while considering his fate…including a plea deal to leave the White House as quickly, and as quietly, as possible.

I rather like that thought. Though, still, I was so looking forward to watching him being escorted out of the Oval Office in handcuffs.