By Chris Madsen

This is in no way an exhaustive list but these are some of the most obvious ways to recognize fascism:

Big business is always preferred over the individual or overall societal goals.  Capitalism can still be going on, but all the laws and regulations begin to be designed only for the benefit of those in power and their rich family and friends.  These “family” or “friends” usually buy their way in through either loyalty or old fashioned bribes.  A pay-to-play system whereby if you can afford to bribe someone in government they will ensure you become even more prosperous by bending the laws to your needs.

Any form of diversity is looked down upon.  Any identifiable difference can be used in an “us against them attack” to further marginalize or divide a group of people.  A belief in one language, one way to look, and one way to be that is considered “acceptable” by the government.

Laws are only enforced strictly on certain people.  Something like talking on phone on the sidewalk could be made illegal.  However if it is only enforced on specific groups of people it becomes the weaponization of the law to further harrass certain groups or people.  This is a two-tiered system where laws apply to one group but not to another.

Lack of any empathy…  Such as shutting off someone’s heat in the winter because a payment came in a day late.  Constant belittling of people experiencing hard times.  Also, no respect for even basic human rights.

Patriotism used in an inappropriate manner.  Fascist propaganda often disguises hate, fear, and animosity as patriotism.  Patriotism is something generally viewed as something positive.  Negative or hateful emotions do not play a true role in patriotism.

The easiest ways to help prevent a fascist regime from getting established are by speaking truth (even if others don’t want to hear it) and by strongly fighting signs of fascism every step of the way.  Even if certain portions may seem trivial one must remember this is a planned attack on our way of life and it may not be immediately apparent how new laws, regulations, and policies will be used to further control people into doing exactly what the government wants them to do.  Without people putting up a resistance a fascist regime will install itself more easily with the ultimate goal being of developing a government where the average person no longer had any power or voice in the government.  When a fascist regime becomes fully entrenched it is almost impossible to remove it from power.  As all the laws and regulations are set up to keep that specific group in power.  Also known as “too late” because once this has happened an authoritarian state will also resort to punishing those who speak out with jail, fines, or denial of services, ect…