By Marc Keyser

Force Congress to pass gun control… just cost them



Call Bank of America 954-227-6696 shower them with love, jam their phones, cost them MONEY to Force Congress to pass common-sense gun laws… in a hell of a hurry.

A million people marched on Washington in support of the Parkland Students, while President Trump played golf at his luxurious Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida (costing tax payers millions) and the Republicans in control of Congress went home to relax after refusing to pass effective gun laws.

Republicans had time to give obscenely rich billionaires and their giant corporations the biggest tax cut in our history as a nation. Koch brothers contributed $500,000 to Speaker Paul Ryan for passing the tax bill that gives Charles Koch an extra $26,900,000 a week in his paycheck? While President Trump gets $22-32 million dollars off his taxes. But Congress could not be bothered to pass gun control.

That’s tax money the rich don’t pay so it’s not wasted on education and these uppity students that should be seen and not heard. These children should not be out of school leading demonstrations that bring a million marchers to Washington, or using social media to activate thousands of people to call First National Bank of Omaha to force them to drop the NRA.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) criticized the March for Our Lives rallies, saying kids should “take CPR classes” He argues that kids should take responsibility. According to Santorum, instead of blaming the government, students should take responsibility for being shot and killed in the Parkland school shooting.

The Students who survived hold that We the People are responsible for the actions or inaction of our representatives. Congress is responsible for not passing common-sense gun control. Corrupt politicians in Congress who are taking money from the NRA represent special interests and not the People, and we must hold them accountable.

Santorum, with his phony Republican talking points, makes the fallacious argument that the Parkland Students want to take away guns from everyone. Nonsense! Their demand is simply that minors with mental problems who are not old enough to buy alcohol should not be able to buy an assault weapon.

The law requiring background checks before purchasing a gun should have prevented a minor expelled from school with 54 police reports from buying an assault weapon. The laws to prevent it were not there.

Parkland survivors and the millions who support their cause are taking responsibility by holding elected representatives in Congress accountable for passing common-sense gun laws. We want members of Congress and the President to stop taking bribes from the NRA and do their job to protect the health and safety of the American People.

What these young activists are discovering is how to protest on a scale large enough to turn up the heat on Congress. They’re not looking to “someone else”. They’re taking on the NRA and Congress, and they are discovering the ways and means to protest by phone and cost those in power MONEY.

Santorum is correct. Gun laws don’t solve these problems… because the gun laws enacted by corrupt politicians taking money from the NRA are phony and they don’t keep assault weapons out of the hands of mentally disturbed teenagers.

If Santorum was shot with an assault rifle and had a sucking chest wound, he would know that CPR would probably only clear his lungs long enough for him to take his last breath.  Hypocrisy is a sin and Rick Santorum will have his reward with the hypocrites

Most Republican members of Congress taking bribes from the NRA missed The March for Life right there in Washington out in front of the Capitol. They didn’t have to listen to these young, well-educated students speaking eloquently about their grief or join with young Emma Gomez and take 6 mins and 20 seconds. That’s time it took a former student with assault rifle he bought over the counter to kill 17 people in the school and wound 15 others.

You know how it is for our Representatives in Washington – they take hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from the NRA to not do anything of substance about gun control, and they need time to unwind on the weekends and spend the bribe money… while the President is busy tweeting.

But come Monday morning, it will be business as usual in Congress. They don’t have to listen to the protests in the streets because it doesn’t cost them money. Unless, of course, the Parkland students have had enough and they launch a Global Phone Protest against Bank of America/Merrill Edge and cost the bank and their brokerage firm real money… enough money to bankrupt them.

The only one way to force Congress to listen to will of the People.

Congress doesn’t have to listen to the student activists or pay the march any mind… because it doesn’t cost them money.

When Parkland Students launched a Phone Protest against First National Bank of Omaha and some 4,000 protesters were calling daily disrupting business and threatening the safety of depositor’s money, the bank caved and people in power started to listen… real good.

Survivor turned activist Delaney Tarr said, “If we move on, the NRA and those against us will win. They want us to forget. They want our voices to be silenced. And they want to retreat into the shadows where they can remain unnoticed,” Tarr sounds a lot like a budding Patrick Henry. “They want to be back on top, unquestioned in their corruption, but we cannot and we will not let that happen.”

Instead of moving on, we need to move on Bank of America and give Congress a loss they can’t afford and will never forget.

Call Bank of America because that’s where the MONEY is. Bank of America is not only an American icon, they are one of the five big banks on Wall Street in the Shadow Government that controls Congress and the President. They are the cash cow for corrupt politicians in Washington.  

CALL 954-227-6696

Call the Bank of America branch in Florida 954-227-6696. Call in solidarity and disrupt business as usual. A million people marching the streets is impressive, a million people calling Bank of America and activating other activists around the globe to call their stock brokers Merrill Edge is a total disaster. The amount of money that could cost the bank could be ruinous. If the Phone Protest goes on long enough it will bankrupt Bank of America and Merrill Edge.

Bank of America is a cash cow for Congress. Congress simply cannot afford to lose Bank of America and face the financial fallout on Wall Street. Tie up the phones at Bank of America to cost them MONEY and we own Congress. When the Student Movement takes control of the phones at Bank of America, we are in a position of power to clean house.

Invade the phones, deny them service, cut Bank of America off until their customers panic and start a run on the bank that can cost the bank an astronomical amount of money. Take control of the phones, and we exercise control over Congress. Trump Republicans in Congress cannot afford to lose Bank of America, which is exactly what will happen if they don’t pass common-sense gun laws and limit campaign contributions.

On the phones, we don’t face off with armed Trump neo-Nazi thugs. The riot police cannot use tear gas, beat and arrest phone protesters. The only thing the police could do is volunteer to help answer the phones at Bank of America. The Phone Protest is user friendly. It’s totally safe for callers, totally non-violent, and totally devastating for Bank of America.

Trump supporters will join us. Republicans, with their love of money, will be calling to check and see if their money is safe in Bank of America and they can reach their stock broker at Merrill Edge in case they need to sell their stock in Bank of America. Call and jam the phones and Trump Republicans will be among the first to panic and start a run on the bank to save their MONEY.  

President Trump sat down with the Parkland students and lied to them. He said he would take on the NRA, and the next day he met with the NRA and decided to do nothing about the Parkland shooting. We need to deal with President Trump and his inability to tell the truth.

Cripple telecommunications at Bank of America, start a run on the bank and crash their stock, and Congress will not only pass common-sense gun laws, Congress will impeach Trump; or Congress will lose Bank of America… and face a stock market crash on Wall Street.

Trump wants a Trade War. So, give Trump a Trade War.

March on Bank of America, hold the world’s first Global Phone-In. Call Bank of America and Merrill Edge in cities around the world. Jam their phones, put their business on hold … and we are in a position of advantage to Make a Trade.

Trump wrote the Art of the Deal.

Well, here’s the deal. Congress will pass common-sense gun laws, limit campaign contributions from special interest starting with NRA, and impeach President Trump; or Congress will face the fire and fury of the public in a meltdown on Wall Street. That’s our deal. Congress can take it … or Congress can lose Bank of America and Merrill Edge.  

Give us common-sense gun control, or we’ll give Congress a Global Phone Protest that will be the death of Bank of America/ Merrill Edge, and the end of the Trump regime’s ability to govern.