Alex Holder, filmmaker who had access to Trump inner circle, discusses new Jan. 6 documentary. The new documentary "Unprecedented" captures the moment Vice President Mike Pence learned of a congressional resolution urging him to invoke the 25th... …

Harris stresses need for "pro-choice Congress" to protect abortion rights. "You don't have to advocate or believe that this is right for you or your family, but don't let the government make the decision for her family, whoever she may be," she said. … on Act Blue

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Watch Live: Biden marks passage of new bipartisan gun law. The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act passed with significant bipartisan support in Congress.

It’s unfortunate that most of our planetary destruction is about #PROFIT, to which exclusively goes to the 1%. Folks need to #GetInvolved locally & nationally because unfortunately sharing a meme everyday won’t change anything

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