USA Unify, For The People!
Unity is Power and Unity is Influence. 

USA Unify focuses on the growth of Democratic values and Progressive policies for the people. We are building future Democratic voters and leaders in all 50 States and abroad. USA Unify Inc 501(c)4 is a nationally registered political and social welfare organization. USA Unify is incorporated in California.

Keep in mind, most of what you see on Digital regarding "Liberal" and 'Progressive" is a for-profit entity.  The media thrives on divisionary tactics and "addicting" emotional content that simply is all about profit, NOT PROGRESS.  Are all Conservatives and Moderates "MAGA"? Absolutely not. Who funds the Conservative movement? The top .01%. 

Unity is Power and Unity is Influence.

USA Unify has helped over 85 Democrats run for Congress since 2017 and we have supported hundreds of State and National Policy Initiatives. 

We are public good agency, focusing on #democracy, #votingrights, #equality, #diversity, #climatecrisis, #gunreform, #womensrights, #workingpeople, #religionisalobby, and #science.,,

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About Us

We are a public good and social welfare political organization 501(c)4. 
Our career backgrounds include  expertise in digital,  fundraising,  strategy, data, events, political science, policy, economics, law, and  marketing.


 USA Unify supports underserved Districts and the future of our Democracy. Unity grassroots organizing and education principles will determine the future of democracy. Division only dilutes political strategy and power to the top 1%  


Education of facts and science are an imperative. Diversity, Inclusion, & Restorative Justice are critical to the future of democracy. 

Progressive Power 

We started Progressive Power and Liberal Resistance in 2016, then built a political organization to help Democrats win and grow Progressive Policy.
Progressive Power
Our Digital Strategies are for the Public Good



Democrat Candidates supported since 2017


Progressive Power & Liberal Resistance reached over 40mm people in 2018 and over 60mm in 2023. 


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, GOTV, Tik Tok, other media, and Google Monthly Audiences

Over 800,000+ people follow our Progressive Power and Liberal Resistance Media Properties
Organic plus paid advertising audience.

USA Unify also uses 1st and 3rd Party Data sources added to the USA Unify Lab which is used in national strategy: Census, Social, Consumer Intelligence, Voter Behavior, Policy, Sentiment Analysis, and Decision science.

We lead advocacy, campaigns, fundraising, policy  & political lobbying for the public good

Our Strategy  


 Education and Advocacy

We focus on underserved districts and markets, critical to the future of democracy. 

Digital Advocacy

USA Unify, Progressive Power, and Liberal Resistance media is designed to engage real world activism. 


We advocate social welfare policy. 


We  assist with simple to advanced digital strategy. From audience intelligence, targeting, behavioral economics, fundraising, events, competitive intelligence, and digital strategy. USA Unify also works with GOTV.

Connect With Us On Social Media
In 2024, we are now on Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Threads, Bluesky, PostNews, TikTok, Mastodon,  and  Google Business

Are You Ready to Join the Future of Social Welfare Organizations?

 USA Unify :
(415) 347-6637
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