A Digital Fund for Progressive Candidates, Policy, and Causes


Progressive Power journalism and media reached over 40 million in 2018. USA Unify Media helped over 30 Progressive Democrats run for Congress using the Power of Digital: fundraising, canvassing, events, and social media.

The ProgressiveDigitalFund (www.progressivedigitalfund.org) is used to help progressive candidates and policies across all 50 States., not just the larger markets.

"The Digital Revolution fuels the Progressive Revolution", USA Unify Media is an agency managing the national Progressive Digital Fund which includes donations for Progressive Candidates, Causes, and Policy.

Why does every candidate need to spend hundreds or thousands on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, not to mention, expensive consulting agencies? Why are the PAC's taking a cut of every digital donation? This Fund helps the Progressive Movement at the macro and micro level proliferate , promote, and fund raise.

The Progressive Digital Fund helps Progressive Candidates and Policies locally and nationally. USA Unify and Progressive Power use sophisticated social media advertising, political research, and data science to achieve the highest value. For digital advertising, our obtains the lowest cost. We are Digital Lobbying for the Public Good. Contact Us for more info for your campaign and candidate.

A Nonprofit Agency to Promote the Message and Fundraising goes to the Candidate and Cause

The USA Unify volunteer team contains grassroots activists with advanced degrees and experience in political science, data science, marketing, research, and law. This team is committed to help the national progressive movement.

In our first year, we have helped over 25 candidates & organizations, reached millions of voters, and we are helping to disrupt the millions of dollars being wasted on expensive consultants.

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