By Matt Blanchfield

As always, the Web is full of interesting stuff this week. Among the best is:

There is a nice opinion piece over on the DailyKos site this week. In

Joy Reid Is Being HillaryClintoned. And By The Same People. It Is Sickening, ExpatGirl argues that Joy Reid’s allegedly anti-LGBT remarks on her blog (long ago) are being used against her in a wholly unfair manner. She compares it to the similarly unfair treatment that Hillary Clinton received during the election. Well written and interesting.

Here at LR Net, we’re constantly worrying about the political, social, and economic effects of the Drumpf debacle. So we’re naturally pleased when we see a thoughtful piece that supports our position. Take a look at The steep price of the Trumpian circus by E.J. Dionne Jr. at the Washington Post. He makes the excellent point that Trump could easily be the end of democracy.

From the isn’t that funny file, the Washington Post is also reporting that “A New York state judge ruled Thursday that a high-rise condo building called ‘Trump Place’ may remove that name from its facade, rejecting an argument from President Trump’s company that the building was permanently obligated to keep it.” Seems the management and condo owners felt he was giving the place a bad name. Can’t blame ‘em.

You know how the Trumpsters are always saying there’s no such thing as climate change? Tell that to the folks in India. The BBC is reporting that over 100 people have been killed by sudden and unexpected dust storms in Northern India. It’s happening, folks, and no amount of climate change denialism is going to change it.

Ah, dear, dear Rudolph W. Giuliani. The man who shot off his mouth and revealed to the world that Donald Trump did, indeed, try to pay off Stormy Daniels. Oh, and he also revealed that Trump fired FBI Director James B. Comey because Comey refused to obey Trump’s every command. That means that he has handed Mueller and everyone else investigating Trump no end of evidence to go on. Generous of him.

In fact, the New Yorker’s merry prankster and satirist Andy Borowitz has done one of his hysterically funny pieces on the topic. In Mueller Reportedly Considering Appropriate Thank-You Gift for Giuliani, Borowitz envisions Mueller and has staff trying to figure out what they could give a man who has done so much for them. The leading contender is a bottle of single malt whiskey, though champagne and caviar are also in the race.