As always, the web is looking wild and woolly in an age of Trump. Check out some of the following:

Glance at this piece by Kate Briquelet over on the Daily Beast about Trump’s reported $30K payment to a doorman at Trump Tower to kill a story about his infidelities and possible love child. Makes you wonder who he hasn’t screwed of late. Also the child…if there was a child…might be in line for some serious inheritance.

Speaking of material on the Daily Beast, check out by this handy chart Jay Michaelson and Sarah Rogers of what happens if Trump fires Mueller and/or Rosenstein. It could be useful. Can’t tell one traitor from another without a program.

Here’s one from the AP. It seems that “A high-ranking political staffer at the Environmental Protection Agency” was put on leave after questioning Scott Pruitt’s massive spending on himself. It seems that “Kevin Chmielewski… was recently placed on involuntary, unpaid leave from his position as EPA’s deputy chief of staff for operations” after “questioning Pruitt’s travel and security spending, including the administrator’s use of first-class flights.” Ah, the corruption of it all.

And for more on the Pruitt Front, Marianne Lavelle writing at Inside Climate News gives us, Coal Lobbyist Set to Be Confirmed No. 2 at EPA, Just Behind Pruitt. Yes, folks, a man who made his living by shrilling for polluters is about to take charge of the second most important position at the EPA. Something about foxes to guard the chicken house comes to mind.

Fun if frightening article over on the Washington Post. The evisceration of the Trump administration, by the numbers by Philip Bump looks at how the Trump White House has been bleeding away its members. Pretty soon it will be just be Trump, Bolton, and a few Fascists. Not a pretty picture. But will the last one out of the White House please turn off the lights?

Speaking of frightening things, ABC News is reporting that Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a former White House adviser and Trump loyalist, will be joining the Justice Department as a national security adviser to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.” Not a good thing. He’s a long time Trump zealot without a whole lot of redeeming social value.

Sunday night we will be watching James Comey begin his book tour-qua-Drumpf-Crushing when he chats with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. But, beware, the GOP goon squad is already gearing up to slime, smear, and slander him. For a taste of what’s to come, check out RNC prepares aggressive plan to discredit Comey ahead of media blitz by Katherine Faulders over on the ABC site.