As always, there are lots of good articles on the web to check out this week—unfortunately, since most of them refer to Der Drumpf. But, anyway, submitted for your approval.

From Re.Wire News, we learn that “The 15-year-old girl who was detained alongside her father in an otherwise all-male facility…” Journalist Tina Vasquez notes that for 32 days, “Astrid” (her family name is not given) was held along with much older males, but given almost no privacy. Thanks ICE. Bang-up job there.

Meanwhile, Tina Nguyen writes at the Hive that Trump Puts His Last Sane Adviser in a Sleeper Hold. Confusion over whether the military is heading to Mexico or leaving Syria is upping the pressure on Jim Mattis.” Seems that Trump’s bizarre behavior has Mattis unsure of whether he’s coming or going.

Also over at the Hive, Gabriel Sherman gives us “You Don’t Attack a Kid”: Inside the Laura Ingraham Nightmare at Fox News. It seems that Fox execs are appalled by Ingraham, but, writes Sherman, “…she has the support of the man in charge of Fox News…Rupert has been annoyed by what he perceives as cowardly behavior by his executives.’’ To which we reply, F**k U, Rudy.

Fun piece over at CNN. In Trump just put himself in a political red zone, Julian Zelizer argues that Trump’s Trade War…or even just a threat of a Trade War…with China could do him (not to mention us) no end of harm. Seems that Trump never learned what the Clintons knew by heart—i.e., it’s the economy, Stupid.

Oh, and you recall how Trump wants the National Guard to go to the border? Well, the various state governments have to sort of get involved with that. And, guess what? Some governors aren’t having any part of it. The Hill is reporting, Oregon governor: I’ll say no if Trump asks me to deploy National Guard troops to Mexico border. Thank you, Gov. Kate Brown (D)!!!

And if you’re wondering why deploying the military to the Mexican border might not be a great idea, consider this story in Slate, In 1997, U.S. Troops Killed a “Drug Smuggler” at the Border Who Was Actually an American Teenager Herding Livestock. It seems Marines were on duty at the border at the time, and they saw a kid, and…you know the rest. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Wish Trump would. Think, that is.

Finally, to end the week on a light note, consider this great musical parody of Trump by Eric Faw using the Robbie Williams piece, Party Like A Russian. Very funny, and all too true…