It’s been hard to keep up this week. Seems like things are popping everywhere. But, as best as we can keep track of it all, here are some of the more interesting articles that have been on the web this week.

John Dowd, Trump’s personal mouthpiece…er, lawyer…has just resigned. The Washington Post notes “Dowd’s departure was a largely mutual decision made after the president lost confidence in his ability to handle special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation and Dowd became frustrated with Trump’s recent efforts to bring on new attorneys…”

April Glaser on Slate, meanwhile, argues in The Problem With #DeleteFacebook that we shouldn’t just abandon Facebook. In fact, many people whose businesses rely on Faceback can’t do without the platform. Instead, she says,“the initial answer to Facebook’s failings shouldn’t be to flee Facebook. We need to demand a better Facebook.”

Nice piece by George Mekhail on Rawstory, “Time’s up for Christians who veil their hateful anti-LGBTQ agenda in politeness.” He argues that it is high time for Christians to actually live up to Christ’s real teachings (“love your neighbor as yourself,”) rather than wiggle out of acceptance by mumbling a few high-minded platitudes (“we want to be known by what we are for, not by what we are against”).

Scary story on the New York Times site recently. David D. Kirkpatric and Mark Mazzetti in How 2 Gulf Monarchies Sought to Influence the White House show how the UAE and Saudi Arabia basically shaped Trump’s Middle East policy for him…and arranged for the firing of Rex Tillerson.

But, then, we already knew that, didn’t we? On March 21, the Intercept reported that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had boasted that he had Jared Kushner in his pocket. No surprise there. The only question is who’s really running this country? The Arabs, or Putin, or Chinese agents…

Wish they’d make up their minds.