It has been a wild week, to say the least. There are Trumpsters in jail, Trumpsters pleading guilty, and Trumpsters eying the exits. Here are some of the stories we’re watching at the moment:

Speaking of the long list of Trumpsters who have either flipped or are eager to do it, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Allen Weisselberg, Longtime Trump Organization CFO, Is Granted Immunity in Cohen Probe. In a word, Mr. Trump…tick tock, motherf*cker.

The New Yorker is reporting that the ever paranoid Drumpf White House really and truly believed that the former Obama staffers had moved to “the private sector” and were plotting against the Orange One. Not true, but not a bad idea either.

Now this is funny. The AP is reporting that Big oil asks government to protect its Texas facilities from climate change. Yes, folks, the people who brought you “climate change is a hoax” are begging the feds to save ‘em from rising sea water.

One bit of good news in the Orange One’s reign of error. You’ll recall that under Dumpf, immigrants are being forced out of the military and deported. Well, one of them, has just been sworn in as a citizen after months of legal battling. The Washington Post reports that Yea Ji Sea, who had been a decorated soldier until ICE et al decided she was a threat, has won her right to citizenship. Given that she has served this country with bravery and honor, while Cadet Bone Spurs…well, you get the point.

Another heartwarming tale. Yet one more reporter has abandoned Fox News on the grounds that it is a cesspool. In Second Fox News reporter leaves amid objections to network, Politico says that Adam Housley has left the network in disgust. Bravo, Mr. Housley, and congrats on your escape.

We love this. According to the New York Times, “The Manhattan district attorney’s office is considering pursuing criminal charges against the Trump Organization and two senior company officials in connection with Michael D. Cohen’s hush money payment to an adult film actress” Three cheers.

And, finally, the real knee slapper …

The Washington Post is reporting that Impeachment means losing his big economic brain, Trump warns. It seems that if he goes, well, gosh, the economy just won’t be able to get along without his stable genius.

No. Really. He actually said that.

Well, gee…

We don’t know about you, but we just might be willing to take the risk.

You know?