We’ve found some fascinating reads on the web this week. They range from stories of courage and morality, to, alas, the very opposite. So, take a look at these:

Fascinating article on Remezcla this week about Ralph Lazo, a young Mexican-American who decided to support his Japanese-American friends in World War II by joining them in their exile when they were sent to interment camps. He traveled with them, lived with them, and ultimately told their stories. Bravo to the late Mr. Lazo!

And from the heroic to the absurd, The Washington Post is reporting that a Florida candidate for Governor, Ron DeSantis, has released a Trump-loving campaign video in which he tells his pre-school daughter to “build the wall,” while she plays with blocks. In a word, ugh.

You probably already saw the video of Barack Obama and Joe Biden having lunch at the Dog Tag Bakery. If you didn’t, here’s a link. But, it will make you sad. Such good men we had in office. How far we have fallen.

Depressing oped on the New York Times site. Timothy Egan writes that no matter how grotesque Trump becomes, his supporters will never abandon him. Even the obvious signs of Russian interference are passed off as the work of the “400 pound fat guy” hacking the DNC’s email. We are, concludes Egan, being ruled by stupidity.

Interesting piece on Business Insider. Russia is no longer our top threat, say military analysts. Our biggest problem is China. We’d believe that. Now, the question is, how do we get rid of Russian influence in our elections so that we can face off with China if need be?

Speaking of which, CNN politics reports that “Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats says that Russia is continuing to pursue its efforts to interfere in the US political system.” No surprise there. That’s how his boss got into the White House.

But let’s end on an up note. The Washington Post is reporting that Spotify, the music-streaming service, has yanked Alex Jones’ show off its site for being hate speech. Bravo Spotify. Now if only Youtube and every other social media will do the same.