In Trump’s America, there’s never a shortage of fascinating news stories to read…unfortunately. This week is no exception. Here are some of the stories we’re following at the moment.

Just when you thought we couldn’t get any closer to Orwell’s 1984, we learn from Business Insider’s Sinéad Baker that the NSA and AT&T are cooperating on a surveillance program. It seems that in eight heavily fortified buildings around the country, AT&T is helping the NSA “review people’s texts, phone calls, and browsing data…” Welcome to post-democratic America.

Intriguing article over on Splinter by Isha Aran. In Melania Trump Decides to Just Act Like She’s Living on Another Planet, she argues that the FLOTUS is dealing with controversy by pretending it just doesn’t exist.

Coming under the heading of “Oh, shit!” we learn from Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern that Neil Gorsuch Declares War on the Voting Rights Act. It seems Gorsuch has made it his personal crusade to allow states to employ race-based gerrymandering to exclude “certain people” from power.

Oh, and our eyes aren’t entirely on the US of A, even in an age of Trump. It seems that our friends to the North have some problems, too. There’s a very interesting article in LGBTQ Nation about the tense relationship between police and the LGBTQ community in Toronto. Openly Gay and Lesbian officers can now be found in police forces from London to San Francisco…but Toronto remains a problem.

Another scary story from Business Insider. Whitney Wolfe Herd is the CEO of dating app company Bumble. She is also an avid feminist. Then, her company became the target of a Neo-Nazi organization. Her company has suffered cyber-attacks and she herself has to travel with a bodyguard. This is a truly terrifying development and does not speak well for the future of personal freedom in this country.

And last for the day, just in case you thought the GOP couldn’t get any weirder, consider this piece from LGBTQ Nation, Evangelical Christians are now backing an actual pimp in a Nevada election by John Gallagher. Yes, folks, it seems the GOP and its resident evangelists are backing Dennis Hoff for a seat the Nevada legislature. The kicker? Mr. Hoff is a pimp. As in a fer-real pimp. He owns several bordellos. But that’s okay with conservative Christians, so long as he’s a Trump kinda guy.

Sort of brings a whole new meaning to the term “selling out,” doesn’t it?