There have been an amazing number of fascinating stories on the web this week. That is not a good thing. With Donald Trump in the White House, there is always something insane to report. So, take a moment, and check out some of the following:

As we all know now, Trump dissed Justin Trudeau, but then he seems to have had a cheery meeting with fellow despot Kim of South Korea. Unfortunately, we still don’t know if that’s good or bad–but we’re guessing here at LR Net that it won’t be on the positive side of the ledger. For a few reasons why, check out this piece from the Washington Post, Trump-Kim summit: Trump says after historic meeting, ‘We have developed a very special bond’. Complicated business, all in all.

Meanwhile, before he skipped off to Asia, Der Drumpf spent a few days alienating all our existing allies and (former) friends. And the world press has responded by basically eviscerating him. See this piece in Time, ‘An Unprecedented Scandal’: How Newspapers Around the World Reacted to Trump’s Behavior at the G-7 Summit.

Oh, and just in case you missed it, Net Neutrality officially died this week. And, right on cue, federal judge Richard J. Leon of the United States district court (a wholly owned subsidiary of corporate America) ruled that AT&T could, in fact, merge with Time Warner. Purely a coincidence, we’re sure.

Interesting article from Isha Aran over on Splinter. In Trumpland Man Tasked with Helping President With Cheating Scandal Caught in Cheating Scandal, she notes that “Rudy Giuliani, a sleazy garden gnome tasked with legally protecting the personal life of Donald Trump,” apparently was cheating on his third wife back in April. Great to know that 45’s lawyer has just the right kind of experience for these sort of legal cases.

And, of course, we’ve all seen the news reports of Jeff Sessions using a Biblical passage, one that has also been used to justify slavery, to similarly justify the separation of children from their parents at the border. Gee. Wonder if he’s familiar with Genesis 19:4–5 where the city Sodom is destroyed not for the sin of Sodomy, but for being inhospitable to strangers and travelers.

Nice op-ed piece by New Mexico’s own Senator Martin Heinrich in The Alibi. He argues that we need more education and less student debt if we are going to survive as a nation. To that end, he is introducing the “Degrees Not Debt Act to give more low- and middle-income students the opportunity to attend college without taking on student loan debt.” Go for it Martin!

Meanwhile, as we read in the New York Times, New York Attorney General Sues Trump Foundation After 2-Year Investigation. Yes, Danny Hakim tells us, it seems that the Trumpsters may have been using a “charitable” foundation to line their own pockets. Which is awful, but not surprising.

The Republicans passed a tax law last fall that made the rich and powerful (R&P) feel all warm and fuzzy (W&F). But the R&Pers may soon start feeling less W&F and more WTF. Jeff Stein, writing in the Washington Post, notes that former Trump advisor Gary Cohn is warning people that the Drumpfster’s trade wars could wipe out all the gains of the last year. Unfortunately, that will hit not-so-R&P people as hard as it does the R&Pers. If only we could figure out a way of making certain that just those who supported 45 pay the bill.

Speaking of reap what you sow…and last for the day…Now This News is running an amusing video over on its site. In Conservatives Criticize The North Korean Summit, the publication notes that Right-wing pundits are increasingly appalled by der Drumpf’s cozy little relationship with North Korea’s Kim. Well, we’re glad they’ll upset about it, but didn’t it ever strike them what they were getting into when they supported this idiot back in 2016?

Just curious.