As always in an era of Trumpian insanity, it has been a wild week. Among the stories we’re following on the web are:

Just in case you missed it, there’s an amusing development over at Twitter, where @realDonaldTrump makes his intellectual home. According to Sam Wolfson of the Guardian, 45 may no longer block anyone from his Twitter feed — something he’s been regularly doing to his critics. Now, no longer. Dang. Must be really sad to see yourself regularly lambasted. Sad.

And here’s a goodie. Seems that the minute Donald Trump saved ZTE Corp., the Chinese telecom giant that’s been up to no good from day one, China approved a bunch of trademarks for first daughter Ivanka. Isn’t that a surprise? Or not.

Nice article over on Truthout about how the GOP is fighting tooth and nail to prevent citizen referendums and other forms of direct democracy. Seems the Republicans have figured out that if people, you know, vote then things get complicated. The will of the Corporate Masters gets frustrated. And we can’t have that, can we? Of course not.

And over at the DailyKos, we have Gabe Ortiz’s piece, Trump’s Mass Deportation Agenda Means A Huge Payday For Private Prison Profiteers. Yes, folks, one of the reasons that the GOP and its big money masters, plus Trump, are so eager to throw people into jail is because it means more money in their already bulging bank accounts. Next up, privatized electric chairs.

John Pavlovitz has one of his powerful articles on his blog site. Check out, A Letter to Young White Men About What the World Owes You. Answer, pretty much nothing. The real question. What do you owe the world?

And last but certainly not least, check out this powerful op-ed over on the Washington Post site, Are Republicans abetting a demagogue — or something worse? by Michael Gerson. In it, he argues that Republicans, partly out of cowardice, are aiding a genuine Fascist, and if they don’t find their spines and their morality soon, it may be all over for us.