I was out at 6am today to hit the poles to get this blue wave started and I was very encouraged to see so many people out at the crack of dawn to make their voices heard. In my area there’s quite the mix of older millennials like myself (30 somethings), and there’s a lot of older folks as well. People like me are buying houses and having kids and this area because it’s great for that but, there’s also a ton of people in my area that have lived here for their entire lives and have never left. An example of this is my aunt. She lives about 5 blocks up from me on a side street and has lived in this area for 50+ years. An estimation of the ratio is probably about 50/50 of young couples like me and my wife, to older folks that have lived here forever, with some exceptions obviously.

So while I was waiting in a line that was out the door and wrapped around the building at 6:05am today, it was encouraging to see so many people in the 18-29 year old age bracket (I’d estimate 65% of the people there when I was there this morning were under 30). Obviously this is a subjective per location, demographics, and whatnot and proves nothing, but I’m taking it as a good omen that the younger more progressive crowd was out in my area, so early. Now I’ve heard mixed reports about voter registration and millennials being huge in numbers and I’ve also heard reports that show that the under 30 year old’s won’t have a huge impact but it’s good to see so many that have realized they’ll have no impact if they don’t vote, at least in my own neighborhood.

So make sure you all get out there today and do your civic duty and vote. We need to balance out the extremist government that the Republicans have in place. We need to be doing out part to work with the rest of the planet to preserve our future and we need to have checks and balances in place to stop the backward thinking, racist and xenophobic government that we are stuck with today.