And so, it is Halloween. In my extreme youth, and in the little dusty town in which I spent my boyhood, it was just a children’s holiday. The Christian Right had not yet decided it was a Satanic celebration. And adults had not yet moved in, making it an occasion for heavy drinking and too easy sex (bringing a new meaning to the term “trick or treat”).

In those lost days, it seemed an innocent occasion, when the worst that happened was a few soaped windows. Alas, we have come so far from that. We are now in a world in which innocence is rare, indeed, and in which real monsters can be found in so many places. Like, for instance, the White House, where a real pumpkin-head considers real horrors, and corrupts our national will.

But, somehow, I dare to hope. I dare to believe. I dare to think that you, and a million million other progressive voters can fight back. I dare think that you will go to the polls and that you will vote…vote blue! Vote for the Democratic Party! And so take back the country from this horror, this living jack-o-lantern, and his coven of real-live witches and warlocks…

My faith, my hope, is that you will be the hero of this Halloween story…this tale of ghosties, and ghoulies and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night.

Save us, in short.

For you, with your vote, can be a greater exorcist than any dreamt of in our fictions and fantasies.

For the love of all that’s holy, vote.