How will they deal, I wonder, with the historians of the future?

In time, of course, Trump will fall. And then, how, I wonder, will the people who today support him justify themselves? How will they present themselves to those who will write the story of our age?

How, that is, will they try to save their reputations?

I’m sure that there will be a great many excuses and lies and half-lies offered to any who will listen. We’ll hear that oh, they never really backed him. They just played along, hoping to make things better from within. Secretly they were members of the resistance, and hid Hispanic immigrant babies in their attics. And, besides, they were just following orders.

Ah, but there’s the rub, my friends. It won’t work. In the end, their pasts will pursue them. In the end, those historians of tomorrow will expose them…reveal them as the Americans who betrayed American ideals…who tolerated or even encouraged plutocracy, oligarchy, corruption, hypocrisy, and inhumanity at home and abroad.

Eventually, inescapably, the historians of the future will turn to them…and be merciless in their judgement.

Should we pity them?


I do not think so.

And besides it would not matter if we did.

They crafted their fate, and their place in history…

It not allow them to escape.