If you haven’t done so, do check out this article in Newsweek by Tim Marcin, “Donald Trump Will Resign the Presidency in 2019 in Exchange for Immunity for Him and His Family, Former Bush Adviser Says.” In the piece, Marcin quotes Alan J. Steinberg, who was an advisor to George W. Bush, as saying that Trump will resign in in 2019 in exchange for immunity from criminal prosecution.

That’s a pretty remarkable prediction, and I gotta confess I’m not sure I see it happening. But, still, it would be great if it did.

And here’s an interesting link. Remember Anthony Scaramucci? Trump’s former aide and friend who served all of 11 days in the White House? Well, he made a very similar prediction back in August. He said that he thought Trump would resign rather than face defeat in the 2020.

Like I say, I’m not sure. But, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

With a man like Trump, you never tell. He might even, at the very last minute, save us all a lot of pain and suffering.


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