When he’s not tearing children from their parents and putting them in cages in Texas, trying to figure out how to build a wall between the US and Mexico, spending inordinate amounts of time tweeting half truths about the media or swinging a golf club at one of his golf resorts, our President likes to spend his time building a space army. Trump insists that the “US must have American dominance in space, He added: We are going to have the Air Force and we are going to have the Space Force, separate but equal. (NBC)”

If brought to fruition, the Space Force will be the 6th branch of our military here in the US. I think most people are wondering what Trump plans on fighting in space or if he’s spending billions of tax payer dollars for a military branch force that’s just not yet needed.

This isn’t surprising as Trump’s managed to get our national debt up over $21 Trillion, which is something no previous US President has managed to do. I guess if he’s really trying to undo everything President Obama did during his 2 terms; that includes eliminating the slow on the increase of our national debt.

A space military built off the principles of the Air force and the Navy would be a huge undertaking, especially if he’s planning to have any type of heavy weapons brought into or built in space. What’s interesting is that the Trump administration opposed the creation of a “Space Corp” about a year ago when it came up in discussion, so what’s changed? Realistically, only time will tell.

On the up side, if Trump gets his way here and starts pushing for a Space Force it’s likely going to take longer than he’s in office just to get started so if the next President elected in 2020 decides that it’s needed, they can at least curb the spending on it to a reasonable amount.

In the end, Trump really just wants to compete with China’s “Space Navy”. He’s racking up the debt so that he can say who has the bigger dick.