If you’re a Trump supporter, please read on. All Executive Order links in this post will bring you to Federal, official documents that are public record on our own Federal *.gov websites and are for anyone to consume. These are facts that cannot be disputed unless you are denying reality or the validity of the documentation of your own President.

Trump supporters need to stop trying to justify the President’s actions from back in January and February 2020 revolving around COVID-19, also known as CoronaVirus. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know both names for this virus and how bad the situation across the planet has become. Many are suffering and dying and most of us are in some form of social distance lock-down right now to try and curb the spread of this global pandemic.

The US is the top country in the world right now in active COVID-19 cases despite not having the highest population level and not having the highest population density, and this is because of our President’s lack of action back in January when his advisers were telling him he needed to take action. Far more people are dying than necessary and it’s entirely Trump’s fault that it’s as bad as it is here in the US right now. His supporters try to shift the blame to everyone but the person in charge that publically minimized the situation even though his own advisers in the CDC and his cabinet were telling him to take this virus seriously because it could be catastrophic. Note the link in the previous sentence is the only link here not going to an official government source because we obviously do not have direct access to intelligence reports.

If you look around you’ll see a lot of articles from politically right leaning sites and news claiming that Executive Order 13769 was signed in January 2020 and it was banning travel to and from parts of China to protect US citizens from CoronaVirus, but if you actually look up that executive order you’ll see that, while this is partly true in that it does ban travel, this is an executive order to protect from terrorism, and while it was indeed signed by Trump in January, it was January 2017 not January 2020. This was his racist Muslim travel ban that happened back in 2017 which I’m sure most of you remember. He has taken many steps on almost every press conference in March and April 2020 to show that he signed this, this year when he hadn’t. You can’t rewrite history.

On January 31st, 2020 only two executive orders were signed and below is a summary of what each of these executive orders are actually about and if you click the headlines it’ll bring you to the Federal Register page showing the entire executive order. Neither were about travel and neither had anything to do with COVID-19.

EO 13904: Ensuring Safe and Lawful E-Commerce for United States Consumers, Business, Government Supply Chains, and Intellectual Property Rights Holders

This order was signed to prevent US citizens and businesses from getting exploited by foreign E-commerce companies and other foreign exporters. It’s really stating that people need to stop importers here in the US from using foreign companies to avoid paying taxes. Nothing here about COVID-19. There was no restriction on American’s traveling to and from China and no restrictions on shipping goods to and from China.

Executive Order 13903: Combating Human Trafficking and Online Child Exploitation in the United States

This order is a good thing to have in place but the title pretty much covers it. This is the only other executive order signed by Donald Trump on January 31st, 2020 and its combating human trafficking. Nothing for COVID-19 here and nothing on travel restrictions.