As if there isn’t enough drama revolving around Donald Trump, we have a new development revolving around those poor kids locked in cages in Trump’s kiddie concentration camps down in the south. Now there are talks about taking the kids that are still being held in those camps, and putting them up for adoption here in the United States instead of sending them home to their families.

So to sum up the whole situation: people were so scared for their lives that they fled their homes and headed to legal ports of entry into the U.S. where they were locked up and separated from their children. Then they took the children and locked them up in tent cities and camps with cages for dogs separate from their parents where many of them are still waiting to see what will happen.

Trump’s people are adding insult to injury and are having discussions about putting these kids up for adoption here in the states. Now there’s the up side in that these children may be better off in homes than in tent camps, but if they’ve deported their parents and sent them back to their countries of origin, they should send their kids with them, if nothing else to keep the families together. This administration is breaking up families and they do not care. 

As a father myself, this hits me really close to home. I can’t imagine my four year old boy locked in a kennel cage without me or his mother. Crying all night because of his weird surroundings and being yelled at by soldiers that don’t speak his language. The thought is gut wrenching for me as a parent and even for those of you who aren’t parents or, to take this a step further, even for those that try to justify President Trump’s actions here because you insist these people broke the law and brought this on themselves, should stop and consider the philosophical implications of locking up children because they were brought here looking for hope but broke a law because they crossed an imaginary line that separates us from Mexico.

Now I’m not a psychologist or a philosopher, but what is being done is mentally harmful to these children to a level that could be irreparable because they’ve been there for so long already. It’s also an extremely unethical move by our president and his people. The U.S.’s administration has already been warned by the U.N. that they should not be detaining these kids as we still are. This makes me wonder if they are going to step in at some point in the near future.

Right now nothing is being done, but as I say in most of my posts, the time is coming for action. November is creeping up on us soon, and while i rarely plug a political party (I register as independent myself), I’m urging all you blue voters to get out and create a blue wave. We need to take back the house and the senate to put balance back into our government otherwise things like this, which should be criminal, will never change and get any better.

Our country has taken so many backward steps in the past 2 years that it scares me to think of the cleanup job whoever our next president ends up being will have to handle. All of the damage done by Trump and his cabinet is mind blowing to think about and a change is desperately needed.