President Trump decided to have another Twitter-tantrum again this morning, claiming that the appointment of the special counsel in the Russia investigation is “totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL!” This is obviously not true and the appointment of this special counsel is warranted and welcome by all real Americans so that we can get the truth to finally come out about what happened in the 2016 election. I can’t speak for everyone but I do believe that there’s going to be a lot of angry Trump supporters out there when they find out what Trump has really done.

The scary part of all this is that now President Trump is talking about pardoning himself which, stupidly, is a power that he as POTUS has. This would eliminate himself from the ongoing probe, but to what end? If he pardons himself then we all know that he really did have something to hide and I would imagine that he would lose the bulk of his remaining semi-intelligent followers (there’s a few left out there, right?).

All I can say about this at this point is I hope the FBI and special counsel has enough together to make a move soon. I know I’m generally curious about what’s going to come of all this but I also know that the sooner he’s out of office, the sooner we can get someone in that’ll undo the damage he’s already done to our country and the planet. Time will soon tell us what the next steps toward progress are. We just need to get the brick walls like Trump out of the way so our country can move forward to catch up with the rest of the world.