I promised to tell you why I think war is in the offing from Donald Trump. So, here we go.

The first step is to isolate the country you are targeting to attack. In this case, North Korea has done it for us. The sanctions are just for show.

Then you load the “protecting” country with people who will profit from both the military industrial complex, and the reconstruction efforts after.

After this, you recall your diplomats… oh wait we have no diplomats to North Korea… so you have your NATO diplomat walk out in a huff. You hope that will shame the world into more useless sanctions so when you attack the aggressive country, the world will say that the pre-emptive strike was valid because they had tried everything.

Next you ban civilians, bonus points if you can find another reason to do it to camouflage your intent.

You also ramp up the rhetoric until the other side calls your bluff so you have a pretext to fire first.

If you really want to tip your hand, you load your leadership with war-mongering generals.

You do all of this while seeming inept enough to keep your citizens chasing impeachment, while you steal their rights and start a war. This way they cannot stop you from looting the country.