Thursday, 7/5/2018, the Mayor of London has given activists permission to fly a Trump giant baby balloon high in the air, very close to the UK Parliament during President Trump’s visit to London this coming week. The locals and many political officials in the UK aren’t happy about his coming to visit and there is expected protests starting when he arrives for his 3 day stay, including a 2 hour “stop Trump” march and this balloon which will fly for 2 hours on Friday morning, July 13th.

The balloon measures 6 meters in height (19 feet) and is bright orange. It was paid for through a crowd funding campaign which raised £18,070 and counting. It will be tethered to the ground in Parliament Square Gardens and is allowed to be flown as high as 30 meters (98 feet).

The fact that so many locals in London were willing to generously donate their personal money to protest Trump’s presence in this way really speaks a lot about how other parts of the world are looking at us here in the US. I hate that the country I’ve grown up in, and love, has turned into a global laughing stock. I love the freedoms I have and I loved watching the progress we made under President Obama. I really look forward to 2020 when we can vote another person into office to undo some of Trump’s damage, assuming he isn’t impeached by then.

Get out this November and vote. At least put some people in there to help keep him in check to protect us in the meantime until 2020 comes around.