1. Both, having committed criminal acts, are avoiding trial and possible imprisonment by virtue of their currently held high office, but fully cognizant that if either loses his re-election, the feared eventuality might become realized.


2. Both are self-portrayed leaders with global reach by meeting with  heads of nuclear-armed states; Trump, with Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Vladmir Putin of Russia, Xi Jinping of China and Narendra Modi of India ; Netanyahu, with Vladimir Putin of Russia, Xi Jinping of China, Narendra Modi of India and, course, Trump of the United States.


3. Both Israel and United States possess nuclear weapons.


4. Both are bent on preventing Iran – their presumed arch enemy -.from developing nuclear weapons. Additionally, both require bellicose enemies – actual or mythical – to instill fear in the hearts and minds of their citizens.


5. Both blame the dark-skinned people of disloyalty to their respective countries – in Israel, their Arab  citizens (including members of the knesset), none of whom, if given half a chance (Bibi asserts), would hesitate killing Israeli men, women and children; in the United States, their citizens (including members of congress), whose public statements are in direct opposition to American long-standing policies vis-a-vis the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


6. Both adopt inhumane methods – including imprisonment and acts of violence and extra-legal killings – to prevent non-citizens from becoming integrated into their own respective populations – in Israel of Palestinians in the enclaves of Gaza Strip, walled off from entering, and the West Bank whose territory is constantly under surveillance and is rapidly shrinking due to the encroachment of the expanding Israeli settlements and threatening annexation; in the United States, refugees escaping from violence and murder in their native lands, seeking refuge and sanctuary, are either barred from crossing the southern border by a wall or other barrier or, having entered, are placed in cages or detention camps or prisons and – the cruelest cut of all – separation of children from their parents.


7. Both blame the media for a vendetta of lies, fake news, distortions and false accusations to cast them in a bad light; they both proclaim their innocence of any such accusations despite hard evidence of their corrupt practices to the contrary.


8. Both are confronting imminent re-election, Netanyahu, within days, Trump, next year; they are, consequently, employing similar scare tactics, while promising to meet desirable goals for a large swath of their respective electorates.


9. Both men also have proclaimed to their electorates that they are the logical choice: Trump stated that he is the only choice; Netanyahu claimed in a recent TV interview that the country knows that only he can lead.


10. The battle between Netanyahu and his right-wing rival, Benny Gantz, in the coming election is too close to call. We do not know yet whom Trump will go up against in 2020. We shall soon find out if it will be a landslide in either direction. If both men were to lose, it is almost certain the winning side will be accused of stealing votes, illegal voting at the poles and rigged results.


Let us hope that both men will be turned out of office to face the consequences of their actions in the courts of justice.