Well, folks, we did it! As of yesterday, Progressive forces scored victories all across the nation. While the Senate eluded us (but, then, we never really expected to get it), we have now got the House and scores of governorships across the country. And, just as importantly, we’ve proved to ourselves and the world that the Blue Wave is very, very real.

So, take a moment to congratulate yourselves.

But, that said, let’s be honest about this. It was a near thing. We came far too close to losing. And, worse, far too many Americans voted for Trumpian candidates, or didn’t vote at all. There are still many, many Republicans in high places, and many of them are fundamentally corrupt. Plus…that Orange Haired creature is still in the White House.

My point is this: we can’t let ourselves grow complacent. We have won this match, but there are many conflicts yet to come. We have got to keep our momentum, continue to fight for the rights of minorities and women (as well as everybody else), and oppose the forces of authoritarianism wherever they may appear.

This means, we need more Women’s Marches, more demonstrations, more voter registration drives, more out-reach to underserved communities, more…well, just more everything. We need to keep doing what we’ve been doing, but with even greater intensity.

Because, frankly, if we fall back, if we grow lazy, if we let our passion cool…the elections of 2020 will arrive and we’ll find ourselves right back where we started. The criminal organization that masquerades as the GOP will slip back into power, the Drumpf will win a second term, there will be still more hyper-conservatives appointed to the Supreme Court, and the corruption we’ve seen for the last two years will continue and even intensify.

We cannot let that happen.

Therefore, let us rest for a moment, let us celebrate for a time…but then let us begin again. Let us go forward and fight.

Until we have a blue Congress, a president who genuinely represents the people, and …finally…

A nation that is once more capable of compassion and wisdom.