If you’ve never been fired, good for you. But if like many of us you have, you know it usually isn’t a great feeling. It’s not as bad as some things in life, but it’s better to hear “you’re hired” than, “you’re fired.”

Speaking of “you’re fired,” it’s been a catch-phrase of Trump since the premiere of his apprentice show days and up until now. But right now, he’s about to say you’re hired to the “Summer of 82 boy,” Brett Kavanaugh. In fact, as I write this Kavanaugh has just been confirmed by the senate 50-48.

But what Kavanaugh proved to the Democrats last week while he refuted the charges of sexual misconduct in 82, was his ineptitude, and he also revealed that he isn’t’t exactly for impartial. He made accusations. “It’s a calculated and orchestrated political hit,” said Brett. “Revenge upon behalf of the Clintons. This is a circus, the consequences will extend long past my nomination. What goes around, comes around,” And he went on to claim his reputation was ruined because of this.

But apparently his reputation wasn’t so ruined as he claimed, because he got the job. However, there’s a large segment of the population who feel the FBI investigation was stymied and Kavanaugh got railroaded in.

So why do I call a man who was just confirmed as a Supreme Court judge, “the summer of 82 boy?” Well, let me begin by saying what Kamala Harris pointed out. The object of the hearings was not to prove whether the Senators had enough facts to determine whether or not a crime had been committed, but rather to determine if he was fit to serve on the highest court in the land.

At the hearing Kavanaugh wanted us to accept what he wrote on his summer of 82 Calendar as proof he wasn’t there when Christine Blasey Ford claimed he was. The investigation was limited from the start and the White House placed a short time limit on the FBI and did not permit them to do a thorough job.

Of course Kavanaugh and his family see this as a victory for themselves, they probably don’t care what Democrats think.

But I say an endorsement from Trump would be like Groucho Marx’s cameo in a Bing Crosby film, with Kavanaugh as Bing and Trump as Groucho. Kavanaugh says, “Gee thanks a lot, Trump, for showing up. There’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for you.” And Trump replies, “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you too… that makes two of us who do nothing for each other.”



~Dave McElhaney