Editor’s Note: this story has been now out of date as a result of Trump’s abrupt cancellation of the summit entirely. Like we didn’t see that one coming…



Okay, Trump now says there is a “substantial” chance that his summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un will be delayed.

That sound you just heard was the collective yawn of just about everyone on earth…or, at least, everyone who isn’t a brain-dead Trump fanatic. Everyone saw this coming. Nobody is surprised.

But you have to hand it to Kim. He’s managed this one like a pro. But making a big deal about the summit, knowing full well that John (“Strangelove”) Bolton and his ilk would eventually torpedo it, he’s made himself look like a statesman, and Trump look like a fool. Even if the summit does come off sometime in the future, the damage has been done. Washington is going to have a hard time recovering from this one.