“I’ll tell you one thing,” Trump supporters would often declare when asked why they supported their candidate, “he ain’t gonna be going around the world apologising for us like Obama!”

Quite when Obama’s “I’m Sorry” tour took place is a piece of information tantalisingly lost to history, but the subtext at least was pretty clear: Trump supporters wanted someone who was going to be loudly and aggressively in favour of American interests.

These same supporters have been left humiliated by Trump’s performance in Helsinki, where he all but bowed down in front of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, contradicted the American agencies who were in unanimous agreement that Russia meddled with the 2016 election, and then defended the whole embarrassing shitshow by claiming that he said “would” when he actually meant “wouldn’t.”

If nothing else, it shows growth on Trump’s part. People hoped he would grow more presidential during his term, and now his lame cop-out echoes the lows of Bill Clinton quibbling about what the definition of “is” is.

It’s tempting to take this as a monumental “we told you so.” Trumpers, who must by definition be either deluded or stupid (often both) are starting to wake up to the fact that TRUMP IS IN RUSSIA’S POCKET. Always has been.

But however satifying it is to be vindicated on this point, let’s not kid ourselves. The Putin conference fiasco has been a breaking point for a lot of Republicans, but all this does is prove what kind of nationalist loons we’re dealing with in the first place.

Racism? Fine. Mocking the disabled? Totally cool. Picking a fight with grieving Gold Star parents? Fuck ’em, they were brown anyway.

Profitting from the office of the Presidency? No problem there. Endangering the environment and by extention the entire planet? Fake news. Not giving a shit about black people murdered by police? No red flags there…

Literally locking toddlers in cages? Well, not American toddlers. Leaving American citizens to rot in Puerto Rico? At least he didn’t do something with emails. Serial sexual abuse of women? Just locker room stuff!

But failing to call out a dirty foreigner for his trickery?! THAT makes these people mad.

The whole deluded, Trupian right could make up for a lot of lost time if they just listened to us. We told them Trump was Putin’s puppet, and we were right. We’re also right that racism is an evil and that trickle-down economics don’t work and global warming is very real and universal healthcare is a good idea.

Makes you wonder what would make them listen to those ideas.


Update: The White House correspondent for Fox News (yes, Fox News) is apparently incredulous that the President would imply he’s “an enemy of the people.” Once again, it took these dingbats THIS LONG to start to worry.