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Late Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, acting surely on Donald Trump’s instructions, fired former FBI deputy director Andrew Mc­Cabe. It was done in the most degrading and insulting way possible, with the removal coming just 24 hours before McCabe was set to retire.

There is enormous irony in the fact that Sessions, an unskilled political hack who has had to amend his testimony before Congress not once but twice, should have fired a Bureau veteran who had served the nation faithfully for twenty-plus years.

Now we face the real and terrifying possibility that Trump will also fire Robert Mueller. Already, Trump’s lawyer has called on the Justice Department to end the Russia probe because, he says, the investigation is merely a political ploy.

In short, the firing of McCabe was an unspeakable act and one that could all too easily lead to the suppression of justice in America if not an outright coup.

We, the editors and writers of view this situation with enormous alarm and vow to do what we can to protect Mueller and the legal system in our great nation.