Forever red,

Forever white,

Forever blue,

Is it patriotic to forget the ones the ones who stood for you!

Because we once stood proud,

We once shout aloud,

As we ran into danger,

As our patriotic soul,

Died one at a time,

To protect your pride

And your stance as you,

Cheer on the new,

And you forgot who died for you!

We stand tall,

We stand prideful,

Not as soldiers as we once were

Because we are warriors  forgotten no more!


By Eugene Maes




Eugene Maes is a Disabled Veteran. He served in the U.S.A.F. where he worked in Aerospace medicine. He tells us he always wanted to try writing of some sort.¬† He adds that, “Right now I’m freezing cold in Colorado Springs hanging out with Jack Frost.” Stay tuned for more of his work on these pages.