Multiple news outlets are reporting that Billionaire and long-time Trump crony Jeffrey Epstein has been charged with multiple counts of sex trafficking, and of under-age girls to boot. There are now several questions which we, as a society, need to ask. First, how did he get away with it for so long (answer, he was rich and white). Second, when will his friend, Donald Trump, find the same scandal sticking to him. And, third, why didn’t flee the country years ago.

And he could have, of course. He could be even now sitting in some luxurious Rivera locale and enjoying whatever criminal form of sex that he prefers, while perfectly safe from the law. Roman Polanski proved that this is possible, and even easy (if you have sufficient resources) long ago.

Alas, it may be that Epstein elected to remain in the United States because he knew that a person of his stature, wealth, and power was unlikely to be prosecuted no matter what he did. The reality is that we show every sign of being an oligarchy and a kleptocracy, and he was both an oligarch and a kleptocrat. As such, he was untouchable.

Let us hope that his arrest and prosecution, and, perhaps, conviction, will begin to change all that. Let us hope, too that our elites will soon discover that they cannot live and govern without restraint, and that they, too, are subject to the law, and the dictates of simple decency.