As I write this on Friday, 26 Nov, we still know very little about the man accused of sending at least 12 bombs to Democrats and Trump critics over the last day or so. We know his name, Cesar Sayoc, and we know he has been arrested “in connection” with the bombings. But other than that…things are still pretty murky.

Still, we know what kind of man Sayoc is. He’s a loner. He seems to be one of life’s losers. He has a long criminal record. He seems sad and isolated. He may suffer from some sort of mental illness. He hated liberals, the Obamas, CNN, and others on the Left — something he proved by plastering his van with Rightist and threatening stickers.

Is he particularly intelligent? Well, it took some cleverness to construct the bombs he sent. But whatever sort of intelligence he has, it does not seem to have extended to personal success, either in terms of money or human relationships. He seems to have accomplished little in the material sense and nothing in terms of aesthetic ventures.

He seems to be eaten up, inside, with hate. And hatred of us…those of us on the Left.

Should we, as liberals and progressives, hate him in turn? I would suggest not. He is too pathetic for that. Maybe, if it transpires that he is guilty of the attacks, he deserves to be restrained, yes, so that he cannot harm others…or himself. But, beyond that, no. He is, perhaps, not so much evil, as ill.

Who should we hate instead? Well, that is another story. Recall that this man, Sayoc, is nothing but a tool. Someone else fueled his hate. Someone else gave him his targets…by repeating their names endlessly on Right Wing news sites. Someone else whispered into his ear the idea of …murder.

The term, I believe, is Stochastic Terrorism.

It is those others, the men and women behind the man, that we should fear. And oppose. It is they who are genuinely evil. It is they who have sent truly deadly weapons into the world…not bombs, but toxic falsehoods, the kind which have poisoned Sayoc’s fantasies, and our reality.

And someday, in time, justice …pure and simple…

Will be served.