So I see in my local paper that Trump is sending an additional 5200 troops to the boarder of Mexico. That is on top of the thousands of people we’ve already got there in the form of the border patrol, ICE, and other security forces.

My question: is it just me, or is this starting to look like the build up of a war? I mean, I can envisioning him and his people distracting the nation and “securing our borders” by just a little armed conflict or something. Maybe a few B52 strikes on refugee caravans. Or a tiny little invasion of Mexico’s northern states. Nothing serious, of course. Just a military occupation until the Mexican government behaves the way we think it should.

And, of course, like most of the wars we’ve gotten into over the last few decades, it will be a disaster. It will be nothing like what the White House expects. It will not be short. It will not be quick. It will not be clean. It will go on forever, and ever, and ever…

And this will happen while we are still mired in other, existing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and God knows where else. We’ll be overstretched and underfunded, and this time the war will be right next door…not across the world, right next door.

In short, we’ve got stop this war before it starts.

So, in the name of all that’s holy, if want to keep American troops out of danger’s way, if you want a peaceful North America, if you don’t more bodies coming home in bags…

Stop this new war.

And the first thing you can do is vote.

Vote blue.

And vote for a sane, safe, and secure future…

Before it is too late.