As I’m sure most of you heard this past June, President Trump proposed the U.S. start a “Space Force” to protect U.S. assets in space. What most of you probably didn’t realize is that, yes, the President was serious. He actually wants to make a 6th branch of the U.S. military dedicated to space. This past week Vice President Pence make the request official and we will now have to see what Congress has to say about it.

The majority of our country, about 55% according to CNN’s online pole, doesn’t support a space force with the general consensus that the money would benefit other more important areas greatly such as fixing our immigration policies and a whole host of other thing. It seems that most see it as just another avenue for frivolous spending. This administration seems hell bent on increasing our national debt to a new record high though, so a space force seems par for the course. Only about 37% of the country actually support the creation of a space force leaving the difference undecided on if they do or do not support it. 37% of the country is made up of the 36% that is Trump’s cultish followers (based on his approval rating) and then the rest coming from the more conservative side of the political mass.

Between the space force, the wall, the military parade (which was thankfully cancelled) and piles of golf trips on top of all the other areas that Trump is really burning through our government’s money, it really seems like he’s just trying to spend as much as possible, in his 4 years in office.

As of right now, President Trump is outpacing the Obama’s in spending by almost a million dollars per month. The Obama’s, when factoring in all personal time for the President and his entire family, spent just under $1.1 million per month over their 8 years in office, whereas Trump’s already averaging almost $2 million per month.

Considering how President Trump gave President Obama such a hard time about the vacations and personal trips he was taking, it’s amazing that his supporters have nothing to say about this. Hypocrisy is strong among his fan base. Hopefully that 36% of the country that seems to still support him, loses some of their power this November so we can soon watch the beginning of the impeachment proceedings and we can get our national debt back under some form of control.