Anthony Scaramucci (remember him?) is once more in the news. In a recent interview with William Cohen in Vanity Fair, the Mooch babbled on freely about the Orange Whitehouse and its denizens. It is a tour-de-force in invective. Among his targets is Reince Priebus, whom he calls (get ready) “Rancid Penis.” He also refers to Priebus as a “fucking Sith Lord” who stabbed him in the back and secretly worked against the interests of the Trump Administration.

And that’s just the beginning. Scaramucci goes on to present us with a vision of a White House riven by deadly personal feuds, dominated by hyper-competitive but not terribly competent personalities (Steve Bannon for one), and ultimately dysfunctional beyond measure.

Yet, maybe with an eye toward getting back into the White House which he seems to loathe, he remains loyal to Trump himself, calling him a “winner” in the game of life and politics.

What to make of all this? Well, hard to say. Scaramucci is clearly a man with a mission, and you have to wonder how much of his story is really true in the old-fashioned, objective, non-alternative facts sense…and how much of it is meant as revenge and/or a way of buttering up the former boss in hopes of a new job.

That said, the Mooch knows the White House he describes, even if his tenure there was historically short. His stories of internal warfare and dysfunctional corporate culture do seem to match up with what we’ve seen from other sources.

The result, though, is that we have to be terrified. If this is what the Orange House is like…crude, vulgar, incompetent, and largely incapable of making decisions…than what the hell is going to happen to the country? How is the administration to manage our national destiny when it cannot even manage itself?

All of which gives yet more reason to hope…even, if you do such things, pray…that come the mid-term elections we see a new Congress, and that Mr. Mueller’s investigation is unhindered, and ultimately successful…

And that we are, at last, rid of this orange tumor on the body politic…with all its Sith Lords and Rancidity.