So we learned recently that the late Senator John McCain was not even in his grave before Sarah Palin, his one time running mate, had already begun to take pot shots at the man. In fact, according to Stephanie Mencimer, writing in Mother Jones, Palin has not so much mourned the Senator’s death as celebrated it, saying among other things that he was surrounded by “Strange People” and that he had “lived in the DC ‘bubble’ and was out of touch with real people.”

There is something truly horrible in this. There was a time when people…even politicians!…would regard their passed colleagues with a certain sympathy, or at least treat them with something like professional courtesy. No longer. In the great war of Trumpian zealots against moderates and liberals, even recently deceased war heroes are fair game.

And so Palin joins those who berate this man…this very great man…for the crime of not being sufficiently racist, irrational, and bigoted. After all, how can he be a real American if he ever once opposed Trump or defended Obama from baseless “truther” drivel?

A quick word to Ms. Palin. We know that you have abandoned truth and honor, and seem to have profited by that choice. But, really, have you ever wondered about the consequences of speaking ill of the dead? Particularly when what you say is lie, and slander, and falsehood?