Trump just continues to scare the living bejeezus outta us. Here are some of the stories we’re following this week.

How much damage could Donald Trump cause us? How about starting World War III? In fact, he almost did it already. According to David Gilbert writing in Vice, Bob Woodward has revealed that Trump very nearly tweeted “We are going to pull our dependents from South Korea — family members of the 28,000 people there.” This would have signaled North Korea that war was imminent. Fortunately, the Pentagon got wind of the thing and stopped it.

And so, once again, Trump reveals himself as a very stable genius.

Cool and useful article on The Guardian recently: Trump-Russia investigation: The Key Questions Answered. It covers in grim detail all the craziness that is the Donald Trump and Russia mess. Lots of inserts and out-takes. Which means that it is kinda like porn, but a lot less fun to watch.

Give it a read.

The talented Abigail Tracy has an excellent piece on The Hive at the moment. In Trump’s Fear of Betrayal Could Cost Him the Presidency she argues that Der Drumpf’s paranoia, and his relentless search for leaks and leakers, could do him more harm than all the Democrats in the land. Nice to think that, once again, evil might actually destroy itself…rotting, as it were, from the inside out.

Definitely worth a look.

Or how about this? You know Laura Ingraham, the Fox News queen who spends a lot of her time hating people? Well, her own brother has called her a monster. According to the Daily Beast, her brother, Curtis Ingraham, has said on Twitter that she’s a racist b1tch who embarrasses her family.

Thank heaven there are honest people in the world, even among siblings.